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So tired

So today is a crap day putting it politely. I’m soooo fatigued today.

My legs feel like lead. I just wanna close my eyes n sleep 💤.

My gabapentin has been upped today from 1800mg a day to 2100mg a day to help with my left hand tremors, so we’ll see wot happens apart from more tiredness.

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1 week ago

@rotherhamdave , if your body is asking for sleep, then listen to it.

This may well be down to the new dosage of the Gabapentin, so it shouldn’t last long……..

1 week ago

Start it tmoz. Only picked prescription up today

1 week ago

These kinds of days suck. To put it mildly! Yesterday was that kind of day for me, and I had to be out doing things anyways, so it was a really hard day!
Just came to say, I know how you feel!

1 week ago

I too had a hard day yesterday, but am reaping the rewards today. Had to go to town to get unexciting loo roll etc., went to flooring place on the way back to try and find 3 packs of flooring to finish off my box room for prospective tennants, no flooring in stock but went past the most fabulous blackberries growing like grapes through the fence, could picked them easily from my mobility scooter, just made blackberry jelly with them. I like free things, ok so I had to add some sugar and lemon juice!😍

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