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So many questions…….

Good afternoon to you all, I am not sure if it’s ok to ask numerous questions in one post , but here goes .
Brain fog , my head seems fuzzy and “thick” ( cue punchlines ) , strangely enough energy drinks seem to offer a short term improvement . Does anyone else have tips to help ?
Muscle ache , one calf muscle and ankle area aches like a beast but the other leg is fine . Is this part of the normal pattern ?
Lastly ( for now ) , how is everyone getting their heads around having been diagnosed with MS ? I have been trying for 5 months now and still seem to be down a lot of the time .

Many thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

Tom (50 , rr ms , diagnosed under 6 months ago)

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11 months ago

Hey there @souljackerfooland big welcome! Yep, I’m your Ge and was just diagnosed last year too so completely understand how you are feeling. It’s a shocker for sure. One year on though, I am to terms with the diagnosis and have become good at reconfiguring diet and lifestyle to maximise my state of being. There is no great age for a diagnosis, for sure. But, being this age, post kids and career-carving stage, I think it’s a bit easier to focus on choices and options. For example, you may have noticed that there re lots of twenty somethings posting on here who have a whole other set of fears for the futures given their young age.

Are you deciding on treatment, or are you not treading that route? I’ve been on Tecfidera for eight months. It’s going OK but of course, there’s no real way of knowing if I’m better or worse off for taking it. Hey ho.

I 5i I the biggest thing people diagnosed struggle with is finding a sense of normal, given that every day is different and symptoms, even outside of relapse, change and shift all the time. I’m glad you found this site, it’s myfirst foray into social media and has been one of the the best positives of the year for me. Take care x

11 months ago

Hi there,

As was said in the previous reply I am not one to do the social media thing either but saw too many similarities in your post to not respond. I am 50 years old as well, relatively fit, like riding dirtbikes etc.

I received my full diagnosis one year ago although they had been watching me since 2011, at the time of full diagnosis my concentration and thinking ability was a complete mess, my whole left side was numb and I could not wiggle my toes in my left foot. I have a type A personality and never dreamed something like this could happen to me but apparently MS does not care??

I have since changed my diet and now follow the Wahl’s protocol, I do everything possible to reduce my stress, I work out 3 times a week whether my body wants to do it or not and am trying to get my sleep up from 4-6 hours to 6-8 hours. I was having relapses about every 4 months, started Aubagio in July and have not had a relapse yet?? I am not trying to tell anybody what they should or shouldn’t do, I’m just sharing what I am doing right now until I find a better option.

As was said the symptoms are always changing and moving around but overall I am feeling really good one year in. I’m learning to not give a crap what other people think, they don’t understand what we are going through and never will so why try to explain it.

I wish you all the best.

11 months ago

Hi @souljackerfool and welcome.

Multiple questions are fine. Why mess around?

Brain fog, cognitive issues, is a problem for most of us. There’s a lot of details about this problem here. which you might find useful :-

Musculo- skeletal problems are also a frequent problem. MS can cause weaknesses and we automatically compensate. This puts unnatural pressure and strain on muscles and joints, which causes the pain.

Have a word with your MS nurse and see if they can arrange an assessment with a neuro-physio. They can identify any problems and prescribe simple exercises to resolve.

“Getting your head roud MS” or acceptance of your diagnosis is a bit of a journey through several emotions. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride. But, it can take up to 12 months or more to make this journey.

So, be patient with yourself.

11 months ago

Hi Tom

You better ask your neuro about your symptoms. Volunteering traveling going to college helped me a lot. And as I just read members say Mind over matter.
I think of MS symptom as thinking of falling down stairs needs a bit of time to recover but I do as for me relapse lasts 2 weeks then it passes but brain fog i dont consider it a relapse i call it MS companion just as fatigue.
Once i coulfnt move half of my body neuro said all i need is to go to physio. I did then recovered in couple of days. Had MS since age 17 2005. I dont suffer any disabiliy.

kind regards from Saudi Arabia

11 months ago

Hey @souljackerfool,

DITCH THE ENERGY DRINKS….you don’t realise how rubbish they make you feel until you stop. They’ll be adding to the brain fog. I drank far too much diet coke and could easily drink one on my way to work first thing. Ditch them, they’re full of crap, nothing in them is natural. Asparteme is in most energy drinks, along with all the caffiene. ASPARTEME is POISON and caffiene plays havoc with the capillaries in your brain. It tooks me 3 attempts to stop drinking diet coke. And the last attempt took 3 weeks, with awful headaches on and off. I’ll never drink anything with asparteme in it again, and it’s in anything that’s labelled ‘low sugar’, ‘no added sugar’, ‘fat free’.

I take Lions Main mushroom extract in smothies and add to my cooking. It’s natural, no additives and works wonders for memory. Research mushrooms for cognitive issues and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

And things will get getter, took me about a year to get it in to perspective. I just thank my lucky stars it wasn’t anything terminal.


11 months ago

I have had brain fog , and it has cleared up after two months. Its hard to offer remedies as I could not figure it out for myself, other than diming down the lights. hope it clears for u asap

11 months ago

I remember I once had Redbull and got a relapse then recovered after awhile thought it was a coincidence so i had it again and got another symptom energy drinks r the eorst thing.
I cant deny I’m addicted to tea and coffee now couple of cups each a day just. They wakes my attention up hehe but i never had energy drinks for years snd not planning to hsve them any time in the future.
I advice u to avoid drinking spirits and smoking too.

11 months ago

Hi, i agree with nutshell, its best to ask neurologist about ur symptoms.

As for living with ms, well i think i started to experience symptoms when i was 23, now 28 and still walk but need crutch. I still not fully accepted my condition, i used to be very athletic and active person, ms took away most of it, so i guess accepting is the most difficult part especially when u know how a life without limitations feels like.
But everyone’s ms is different and different techniques can be used to manage it.

I wish u all the best and good luck souljackerfool!

11 months ago


DITCH THE ENERGY DRINKS… Never considered them – they are poison.

I have always eaten well – but not close to perfect. A perfect diet is imperative while dealing with MS.

11 months ago

Good morning,
I would like to thank everyone for their replies , it’s good to get some feedback from others in similar situations.
Thanks Stumbler, I will investigate the web link you provided.
Thanks hels , mushroom research it is (although I hate them, blended into a smoothie would be ok)
Brian , what have you found to improve the length of sleep you get ?
I had heard energy drinks are pretty terrible things ! Does anyone use a natural version?
I can see from all the replies (and other websites visited )that the general consensus of opinion is healthy eating , exercise , minimizing stress and maybe physio / massage?

Again , thank you and have a safe day .

11 months ago


In the fridge are Smoothies my wife made last night. They are a mix of pineapple, bananas, blueberries, etc… I drink one per day…

11 months ago

That’s a good question? Personally I have been a worrier and a stress case my whole life. By intentionally trying to give less of a crap about everything including MS (easier said than done) & along with the constant lack of energy it’s kind of looking after itself. I have seen counsellors as well to learn how do deal with clearing my mind (meditation etc.). I am not giving up but am taking the “it is what it is approach” to life.

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