anawith1n 12/05/15
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So called MS….

MS is full of suprises, we go blind on one side, bladder problems, limping, tired, cranky, negative and positive, I know the list goes on and on. Now all that sounds negative. what can we do ? well we need to accept it, there’s worse out there, we need to smile, learn to accept what was given to us, I call my MS the bad smell. Anyway just remember to Smile. Even though ur angry but think about it, MS was given to us for a reason.
Take care

Ana with 1 n

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3 years ago

Hi Ana

As my Mum pointed out, I never had it easy but did a lot in the past and be thankful for that, she’s quite right. I doesn’t make it easier but it’s true, if I had led a sheltered life, I’d be a bit stuffed.
I try to stay positive as much as possible and I’ve started writing a blog to give my husband’s ears a rest 😉
Take care too

Sonia x

3 years ago

Hi I’m glad that I wasn’t diagnosed with MS back when I had my first relapse (was told I had just damaged my back..) as I was only 26 because for one the internet wasn’t as available as it is now to help with support and guidance … also when I got better after almost a year I then carried on with my traveling until a while later fell pregnant and returned to the UK and had my son.. and a bit later my daughter then carried on with my life completely oblivious about MS until my symptoms were investigated and I was then diagnosed with MS aged 46… 🙁 Now I am glad to be aware of what it is I find myself dealing with on a daily basis and happy that there is a lot of support out there now I know where to look. 🙂 So now yes I can smile.. 😀

3 years ago

Sure a positive attitude helps, but who gave us MS? and for what reason?

3 years ago

Hey @anawith1n

Haha….I like that you name yours. Mine is called ‘Little Bi**h’ or ‘Little F***er’ depending on how my day is going…the names always pit a smile on my face 🙂 I do try to keep on smiling and be positive because I know there is always someone worse off

Hope you’re well

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