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smoking and Gylenia

Ok, so I know that smoking is bad for you in general and it’s even worse when you have MS. I’m about to begin Gylenia and I was wondering whether smoking would affect it. In other words should I quit smoking asap before I go to the hospital and start the Gylenia? I’m not stupid I know I should quit but smoking is my favourite vice right now and I’m not ready to quit just yet. I guess I’m just trying to buy time. I’ll quit when someone gives me a good enough reason. I would also appreciate some tips on how to quit 🙂

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1 year ago

@mschronic , smoking and Gilenya? I haven’t got a clue.

But, giving up smoking. You can use anything that you feel will help, gum, patches or whatever. But, they won’t work without you having the will to give up. That is the primary requirement. 😉

1 year ago

Get a vype vapour jobby and buy low nicotine fluids then move onto 0% nicotine and sack it off slowly that’s how I did it. Not even really thought about it since. Jobs a good en

1 year ago

I read an article about brain atrophy in MS and smoking which did the trick. A year on I’m still using nic chewing gum though!

1 year ago

It was one of the first questions I asked my neuro when I got diagnosed. His reply was that if I enjoyed it then it’s the least of my worries as far as ms was concerned but stopping would obviously be beneficial for all the usual reasons to not smoke.

1 year ago

I used nicotine spray for about a year. If I ever desperately want one and I cannot ride out the cravings, I find a really shit brand of Tailor mades does it for me. my gp surgery did the stop smoking clinics. They kept me honest and saved me a fortune in Nicorette sprays. Good luck. ? (is the emoji innapripriate?)

1 year ago

**inappropriate… Damn spell check!

1 year ago

@mschronic I always said the only way I would quit smoking is if I ended up in the hospital or in the psych ward. I had a really bad relapse and sure enough a week in pallative care flat on my back knock the habit right out of me. I can honestly say looking back now smoking probably brought on or triggered a lot of my relapses. The Ms made me feel so bad that picking up a smoke was never in the cards for me. So picked up a diagnosis of Ms and kicked a smoking habit. My only vice now is coffee so I guess it could be worse. You have to quit when your ready but having Ms should be a good incentive.

1 year ago

I asked a similar question to my neurologist, and he said that smoking is bad for everyone, so obviously for MSers too, but not particularly – he really said that “smoking doesn’t seam to have any special effect in the disease”.
But I found it… well…. strange. A few people here know that a tend to *not believe* in traditional docs (tiny smile) and things they prescribe and say. And so I’ve made my own research and read a lot about smoking making your brain shrink…… that made the trick for me!
If I happen to need a cane (I don’t), or if I feel so tired that I sleep 14 hours a day plus a nap (I do), I can deal with those kind of issues. Even if I end up in a wheelchair…. oh well, I can cope with that too. But not being stupid, dumb and numb. Loosing a sharp mind, that is the scary thing. I need my brain. So I stopped. Gosh it was hard, but now I feel much better and I’m thin again (I gained 6 kilos after quitting).
An electronic cigarette (first with nicotine, then without) and a swimming program of 1h a day (followed by my nap!) solved the case.
Hope this can help 🙂
And good luck.
Take care xx

1 year ago

Oh, what i wrote above was to @mschronic

1 year ago

I’ve been on Gilenya for over three years and I was a smoker up to about 6 months ago when a really bad chest infection forced me to stop and I haven’t touched them since. It took three rounds of antibiotics and a course of steroids to make the pain in my chest stop and even now I wake up feeling like I smoked a pack of cigs before bed! I think maybe Gilenya contributed to the chect infection being worse than normal but then I was a smoker for years so that obviously didn’t help. Gilenya is known to cause coughs as a side effect and I find my immune system is shot to bits, I get every bug that’s going and I get them quite bad so if you are already prone to chest infections (as I was being a smoker) you could end up with a really bad one like I did. I feel like I got lucky that it wasn’t a lot worse so I’m staying away from the smokes from now on!

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