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1 year ago

Yes…I’m in the middle of a flare right now and hoping it resolves. I do know of other MSers with this issue. Unfortunately, for the time being, meds are the only thing getting me to sleep.

1 year ago

I should add, it doesn’t seem to matter how much exercise I do :,(.. I worked a nine hour day and walked the 12km back to my house in the evening (despite the spasticity in my left leg) and I still couldn’t fall asleep…

1 year ago

@aabreu , @maj11 , see if there’s anything here which may help :-

1 year ago

I never sleep good . I’ve not been diagnosed yet but went to the eye doc yesterday and I have possible optic neuritis which is a possible sign of MS. Trying to educate myself more in case I do indeed have it.

1 year ago

I am not in a critical MS period, feeling rahter OK, exercise every day, fall asleep pretty fast and still wake up every day in the middle of the night to go pee pee!

Thanks for the link @stumbler, will try to reduce frequency during the day to re-educate my bladder.


1 year ago

I have wondered if MSers can sometimes be running on higher levels of adrenaline than normal, which leads to anxiety and sleep issues among other things.

Can’t find anything about this on MS, but by chance a Facebook pal posted about high levels of adrenaline in folks with Elhors- danos (forgive the poor spelling) which leads to sleep issues, anxiety and less able to deal with stress, which totally makes sense.

And would fit in MS too….

1 year ago

4am every day. I’m so proud of myself when I sleep through! Often it’s just needing to go to the toilet.

I fall asleep really easily though.

@tootes I also have EDS, did not know that about adrenaline! Maybe that’s why I run significantly faster in a race situation…

1 year ago

I wake every night but more likely connected to my 16 month and 4 month old children. They are the ones with the sleep problem.

1 year ago

3:45 for me. Normally lie awake for a few hours.

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