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6 years ago

Get out of bed!!!

I suffered really bad a year ago, and just made sure that the only thing I did in the bedroom was sleep. If I couldn’t sleep, I got up.

I use aromatherapy and meditation now. I love lavender and find it really calming, so if I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I have a warm bath with lavender oils and candles, then hop into bed. Sometimes I listen to a relaxation CD. I think it’s important to “prepare” for bed. Don’t watch the TV, use the computer or exercise before bed. Try to ease yourself into it.

6 years ago

This has been a problem for me ever since my diagnosis last month. A few weeks ago I started going to meditation classes and now it works a treat for me. Even if its 2am and I’m lying in bed wide awake. I just lie there and start to meditate. Within minutes I’ve fallen asleep.

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