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Silly sensation under right foot won't go away!

The past 3 days I have had the weirdest sensation on the bottom of my right foot (pad area by toes). At first I kept thinking I stepped in warm water and upon taking off my sock, realize that it’s completely dry. It feels like my foot stepped in warm/hot water. It’s wacky feeling. It’s been happening every couple hours for the past 3 days and driving me crazy as it keeps tricking me. It only last a couple minutes each time. But what the heck. Weird!

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5 years ago

Ah… you know what?

the worst thing about MS is that we second guess every weird feeling and odd body sensation…

When i was first diagnosed I was told to start listening to my body closely….

It just ends up making me feel like there’s something wrong all the time…

I hope that this is just an odd feeling and your listening too closely to your body and it’s not something more sinister!

5 years ago

You get used to them. It’s ok. Some of them are not so bad. Sometimes they can be almost pleasant. X

5 years ago

I haven’t had that exactly but often get sensory symptoms in my feet and toes – they almost cramp up, then can go hot or cold, go red etc. Whenever I’ve mentioned it to the neuro or nurse, I’m told ‘it’s just sensory’. I don’t think (in the scheme of things!) it’s considered too seriously. As you say, just ODD. Mind you, when I had sensory symptoms in my face (pre-dx), I was terrified! Knowing that’s it’s just part and parce of MS makes it maybe a little easier to put up with.

5 years ago

My feet are always tingling on the soles and sometimes it feels like the skin has been ripped off and stuffed with gravel, then stuck back down again. I just try to ignore it, though that’s not always possible.

5 years ago

I have a feeling in exactly the same part of the foot as you that my sock is bunched up or that I am treading on something. Had this for weeks now but no matter how ofteni check nothing is there. Doesn’t hurt just annoying.

5 years ago

It’s like walking on a pebbly beach without the sea air blowin in your face! The second to last relapse I had never got the feeling back in my feet properly!!

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