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sick of being so damn tired! … help?

Hey guys … lately I’ve been absolutely wrecked before even 9pm and it is really starting to annoy the …. out of me!

Any tips, I work full time but it isn’t strenuous work, just can’t seem to hold up at night like I used to. God help me if 24 is old these days haha

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7 years ago

Power naps – if you can get a half hour snooze sometime during the day either after work or at lunchtime, this can help recharge your batteries.

Food – look at your diet and see if you can introduce foods which will sustain your energy for longer periods. Your MS nurse should be able to refer you to a dietician.

Prioritise – leave the things which aren’t that important. Hard I know, especially if you’re someone like me who wants to get everything done now!

Work hours – any way you can adjust your working patterns so you can spread your energy better over the day?

Sleep quality – are you getting enough sleep at night and is it good quality? If not, then worth talking to your MS nurse. They should be able to give you advice on improving sleep and therefore managing fatigue.

Just a few tips – hope they help! 😀

7 years ago

Doh, sorry – I just looked at your profile and it says you’re in Australia. Not sure if you get a dedicated MS nurse over there or not…. Hope you do though as it’s a good resource to have!

7 years ago

Also find out if there’s a possibility of flexible working? So a couple of days a week you could maybe do fewer hours or work from home instead? Not sure what the rules are in Oz but in the UK employers have to make “reasonable” adjustments, which can include flexible working. I now work full time from home and it was an absolute god send – I felt like I’d got my life back!

Also, ask for help if you can’t manage everything. I have learnt to just put my foot down and get help if I can’t manage, even though I’ve hated having to do it. But it does help!

(oh, and just anecdotal and not healthy at all probably but if you’re really struggling I’ve found that a can of fizzy drink does wonders for zinging up energy levels if you really need to!)

7 years ago

cheers guys.

it’s not like a debilitating sleepiness more like a ‘dammit, here it comes again’.

I’m out of it for about 9 hours a night solid GMG which is a lot more than I used to sleep a few months back but to no avail when it comes to the evening time.

Power nap wise … I’ve never been able to do one of those.

I guess I’m still trying to work out how to manage it as this is new for me (the sleepiness) only over last few weeks. Work is pretty good with it I’d rather start earlier and finish earlier than vice versa

I eat pretty well … but I know I could do better as we all know haha. I am on Rebif (Merck Sereno) so there is someone I can call (MS nurse) but we don’t have our own personal one.

Yeah T I find that a can of coke does me well for a while but I don’t want to get overly reliant on caffeine so all in moderation … unless it’s do to with a night out haha.

Thanks anyway guys

vitamin b 12.from boots.its amazing!

7 years ago

hey buddy, I know what you mean, and am also the same regarding power naps and all, just not my thing, cant do it! Advice wise I would just say just roll with it, some days you will feel done in, others you feel alright…. not the best advice maybe!?!

If you do want to snap out of the tired funk tho I always find if I make myself go out and do something active I can push through the cob webs!

7 years ago

Wholegrain pasta is good for energy. Also vegetables, green veg is def good to eat, spinach, broccoli etc which help, I get even more sleepy if I don’t get good carbs and greens.
Other than that I don’t know of much else. Messylittleraindrops above recommended vitamin b12 which I’ve heard about a few times and intend to try myself. I’m fine all day, but come the evening I just shut right down and cannot stay awake. I’ve fallen asleep mid conversation with my girlfriend a few times now!

7 years ago

Sounds like might have to try some of that V.b12 … try anything I guess seeing as the ol’ MS isn’t going away anytime soon haha.

Just one more week work then off from work and holidays … nothing to worry about then.

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