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Shoulder pain

Hi guys.
Can you offer me some help. I get shoulder pain which gets worse when I use things like computer mouse or do some ironing. It’s like a knife in my shoulder. That just likely it’s going up my neck and giving me mild pins and needles in my face. Do you think this is M&S related or another shoulder complaint. It’s now been going on for about 3 or 4 weeks and getting worse. Hot water bottles make it feel better. Any advice would be great thank you

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1 year ago

@jowillsher , a decent neuro-physio should be able to identify the problem and prescribe exercises to address.

It may be indirectly caused by your MS.

1 year ago

@jowillsher i just want to share my experience in case you can relate.

I’ve had shoulder pain episode, but that was before any signs of MS. Mine was cause by bad posture, after talking to physio, I finally found the cause: my computer at work, we had moved office a year or two before the shoulder problem manifests itself through pain. The mouse and telephone were set too far away from me, so I had to reach forward. The exercises the physio gave me were not enough to balance the wrong position 8 hours a day / 5 days a week. Moving everything closer to me solved the problem, making sure my shoulder stayed back and squared, with the elbow by the waist (I hope that makes sense, it’s difficult to explain in words!). So, have you had any changes in the last year or two? More time on the computer? Finding the cause is the best way to be able to fix it. Fingers crossed it’s not MS related and that you get an easy answer and get rid of the pain. all the best.

1 year ago

I emember I had side wee relapses in 2010 with vertigo im used to sleep with my arm under my pillow but at that time my arm froze it wasnt flicable at all and if i trued it felt as if it was gonba break and i couldnt open a bottle of water or of course use a mouse.
Neuro gave steroids fot veetigo and its still not 100% recovery.

1 year ago

Hi I get really bad shoulder and neck and arm pain . I am working on the theory that strengthen myself as much as possible with Physio and exercises and it will lessen. Not sure wether ms related or bad posture or something im doing such as looking at your mobile in bed can pull on your neck then this pulls shoulder , arm etc
It could be ms weakness then have to try and keep that side strong . Balance, stretch strengthen, cardio exercise and adapt if anything is setting it off .. Worth seeing a Physio and having desk , chair etc at right height to help posture and make sure your aligned properly.
It could just have always been their and not ms related .. When I say this I get told treat it same way wether ms or not ms related .


1 year ago

@jowillsher, I have shoulder pain but mainly my neck, with pains that go in my head and sometimes my face. My recent MRI showed nothing and the neurologist said it is not connected with MS if the pain goes upwards.
I had a DSE assessment at work a few years ago. I was advised to not be stretching and have mouse, keyboard etc as close as possible. It has helped with my shoulder issues quite a bit. I have seen a physio and chiropractor and not had any joy with either. I find trying not to sit in one position for too long helps and it is advised to have a break every hour from your computer.
Mine is probably a bit of wear and tear.
It would not hurt to get it checked out though and see what they say 🙂

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