katfight 03/04/15
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shoulder blade / heart pain

Hey guys I’ve not posted anything for a while as everything has been going reasonably well.. but I’m back with a query..

I randomly woke out my sleep about 4 am this morning thought I was having a heart attack but I wasn’t.. so the whole of today I have had a horrible shoulder blade pain that feels like it is a heart pain, it’s slowly getting worse and I’m getting agitated with it which I think is why the pain feels worse. Has anyone had this and is it even ms related? Anyone know how to get rid of it, it feels like a hard thud every couple seconds if that helps

Thank you

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3 years ago

@katfight , it sounds like you’ve slept badly to cause the shoulder ache. And then you seem to have been gripped by the “MS Hug”, or Banding.

There’s a wealth of information here, http://www.healthline.com/health/multiple-sclerosis/ms-hug#WhatIsMS1 , about out friend the Hug.

A warm bath may help ease the shoulder. Not too hot as we know what heat can do to some of us.

3 years ago

@stumbler I bet that’s what it is then thank you… I thought the hug was med related but I have not taken mine today, I thought it wud also go after a few mins but obviously not, and I thought it wuda been over both sides. So thats another thing I have learnt today lol 🙂

3 years ago

I have had MS Hug everyday for years. It can be horrible. I have researched it quite a bit looking for help. The tiny muscles that separate the ribs get jumbled nerve signals which can cause extreme pain like a python gripping my rib cage and abdomen. It is a constant tightening sort of pain. I have never read about nor had a pain that comes in periodic thuds in my shoulder blade. I believe I would get that checked out if it persists. That’s too close to cardiac symptoms for me to ignore. That’s just me. I know nothing about you, for example your age or health history. Good luck!

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