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Sharp pains in head

Hey all

Hope your all ok and had a good weekend

Just wondering does anyone else have sharp pains now and again in your head. I now and again get what feels like a sharp pop feeling in my brain, not like a headache cause it only happens for a minute or so then it’s gone.

Thank you x

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4 years ago

@hannah015 , this does seem symptomatic of MS, so you’re not alone.

I’ve seen one account where a Neuro put it down to too much coffee. You haven’t been over-dosing on caffeine today, have you? 😉

4 years ago

Lol @stumbler no, I don’t drink coffee or tea except green tea. Thought it could be the ms just wasn’t sure.

Thank you

4 years ago

@hannah015 , if there is a potential link to caffeine, then Green tea is pretty high in the stuff! So a Urologist told me….

4 years ago

@stumbler I should have read this before I went for sushi yesterday and drank half a jug of green tea

4 years ago

Hi @hannah015 I’ve read that too about green tea but you can buy decaffeinated.. maybe see if you headaches lessen over time if you change your caffeine intake..?? I have been having very sharp stabbing pains in my eyes at varying times sometimes the left sometimes the right. The pain is intense for about half a minute.. but then goes. As for the head and sharp pain it’s only happened a few times but again goes very quickly and I don’t drink caffeine in tea or coffee just the occasional can of full fat coke.. (Will have to keep a diary of when it happens) I wonder if a little choccy fix can cause it too.. :-/ again will have to keep a diary.. Good luck with finding out what is causing yours Hannah015, let us know if you find a link..

4 years ago

Hi ya, I know I’m a bit let to hop on now but I do also get those mad shabby brain pains. I have had them for years long before my diagnosis.

I though it might have been one of this things that must have been MS related, like my years of unexplained dizzy spells. I never mentioned either of these to anyone until my MS was diagnosed.

I was talking to my husband about the sharp pains in my head one day and he said he gets them too and he is as fit a fit thing! I also then mentioned it to my mum and she said lots of people get them MS or no.

I have been caffeine free for years now (apart from the occasional glass of coke or chocolate munch) and it made no difference to the sharp pains but it did help my migraines and helped me sleep better which in turn also helped.

I’ve not be diagnosed for very long and I’m still a bit of a hypochondriac about random pains or pins and needles etc, i had to just kinda realise that everyone get stuff like this form time to time but if its really worrying you it definitely worth mentioning to your nurse or Neuro.


4 years ago

Hey @northernlass

Sorry only just seen your reply, I only drink decaffinated green tea at home and still get it now and again. Sorry to hear you get this too. Good idea with diary, will try it thank you xx

4 years ago

Hey @ladyCaroline

Thanks for your comment. Yeah I was only diagnosed march this year so probably a bit of paranoia that everything is ms related 🙂 I think I will just have to get on with it, they don’t last too long so it’s not too bad.


4 years ago

I get sharp pains in my head but also behind my right eye they last long but painful all the same.

4 years ago

I’ve had these. Sometimes so sharp and painful I’ve gasped and froze……then it’s gone! I got it much more often during my last relapse. I didn’t have them before and haven’t had them much after so I put it down to MS but not sure now I’ve read the other comments x

4 years ago

I get them too.

I spoke to the neurologist about them because they were getting frequent and somewhat scary and he explained that they had a proper term which I have conveniently forgotten…something or other phenomena??

My neurologist put me on pregabalin and it’s a lot better these days. I think it’s something to do with the electrical activity in the head. Many epilepsy sufferers take the drug.

I hope you get it sorted soon. I know it sucks.

4 years ago

I get brain pains daily. I don’t drink any tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks. My Neuro nurse says it’s ms related and its quite common. I don’t worry about it anymore!

Had a brain scan in September just to check everything and there’s no visable issues up there!

Have a chat with your Neuro nurse if you are worried about it.

4 years ago

Hi Hannah,
I had really sharp pains in my Temple, which lasted about 3 seconds. Felt like a hot knife!
Also, had tooth ache around the same time. I understand it is the Trigeminal nerve being attacked by the MS.
This nerve affects eyes, teeth and ears area.
There is medication that alleviates this apparently!

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