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Severe back/lumbar pain

Hi guys. I’m still, as of yet, undiagnosed but having been keeping in contact with my MS nurse over the past month she’s noted everything I’m going through and has said pending my MRI this Saturday I will most likely receive the diagnosis. Thank god!

Anyway, for the last couple of days my lower back area has really been hurting and lady night and today it feels like my vertebrae are being pushed into my back one by one. This sends that numbness pain down my legs (sort of when I had my lumbar puncture and the doctor hit a nerve) and tonight this pain has been off the charts. It hurts to sit down because there’s too much pressure on my spine but I can’t really stand either because my leg(s) are going numb. Anyone experienced this kind of stuff before? Would like some reassurance that I’m not alone, and just want to make sure that this isn’t something that isn’t related to the MS.


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1 year ago

It sounds like it could be what’s known as a ‘slipped disc’ which I had years ago. MRI should show what’s up. I had the symptoms you describe. Bloody painful! To get through the night maybe try sleeping on your back with a pillow/support under your thighs so your back isn’t under stress…..can you get muscle relaxants from yr GP to tide you over until tomorrow?
Have you bent awkwardly or lifted something heavy? Then again, I guess MS could be implicated. I’m not medical, just someone who’s had similar symptoms…..Good Luck for tomorrow.

1 year ago

I had the same type pain as you twice in the last year, was so bad I went to a&e I had all the necessary tests done and the doctor said I had no physical injury or compression/slipped disc/nerve. Both times the doctors said it was the ms that was causing the pain. Good news was it only lasted about a week. Hope your feeling better and you get some relief soon!

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