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Scared of doing too much.

Hello there, I am struggling with knowing how far I can push myself. I have rrms, dx 14 years. I had my second round of Lemtrada last year which doesn’t seem to have done much at all. I had a 3 month long relapse which ended early Dec ’16 and thankfully I have been ok since then. Sort of. Twice now I have had a really busy day, housework, shopping, cooking, entertaining and looking after my 3 kids (4 if you include the hubby ?) and within a day or so I have had symptoms of a full blown relapse. Fatigue, dizziness, weakness and vibrations in my back and legs. I’m curious to know if this happens to anyone else. I’m left feeling rather scared to know how much I can do. In the past this never a seems to have been an issue. Or is it that you ms is progressing even though I’ve had many treatments.
Sam x

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2 years ago

hey i’m totally on the same boat as you. i just had my first dose of lemtrada 4/5 weeks ago and have had major renovations done to my flat the last two weeks and between packing and unpacking boxes i never know how much i can do. some days i can do it and others my legs literally start to shake. the only thing i find that helps is naps… lots of naps, and of course sitting down to have tea. don’t push yourself to hard and my motto is “the dishes will still be there tomorrow” haha. i think the key for me has been planning my days and making sure that my day isn’t overloaded. sorry i know this might not help but i know how you’re feeling sweetie.
tasha x

2 years ago

Thank you Tasha xx it feels nice not to be alone in this x

2 years ago

I’m kinda feeling the same ATM I’m trying to test myself and go as far as I can to see what I can and can’t do. I’m finding it Varys a lot from day to day, some days I’m as normal as I think I can be now and others I’m absolutely fecked and about as much use as a ice cream condom. Still carry on tho and ignore doctors orders still will do till I can’t. It’s hard to do nothing with 3 sprogletts running riot bless em all :). Naps is out of the question for me tho too there’s more chance of me seeing a fish fart fire ?. As I tend to get jumped on or a stinky arse wafted in me face. Here you go daddy iv shat me pants change me now never mind sleep lol ? . I do see where your coming from tho Sam it’s me that’s the big kid tho and the poor wife to be that has to mother me too. Bless her little alternative cotton and barbed wire socks.

Thanks for posting tho it makes me feel a lot better about the fact I hopefully have rrms I should be diagnosed Monday this week if all goes to plan. Jobs a good en tar muchly

2 years ago

I have had the same issues as you at different times. I take it as a sign that I need to really slow down and take it very easy. I don’t consider it a relapse, more major warning signs that my body needs rest. Best of luck. And take it as easy as you can.

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