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3 months ago

Or look it at the another way, a diagnosis forced me to re-evaluate life, made me realise not to take it for granted either! The glass can be either half full or half empty, I know which one I’d choose 😊.

3 months ago

Aw, @kltwin1960 , it’s OK to feel sorry for yourself. MS is a huge burden.

But, don’t dwell on the issue. Embrace this emotion and let it pass. Life has unexpected twists and turns for everybody. Some twists and turns are more serious than others, with some being deadly.

We’re still here and whilst life isn’t perfect, it could well be a lot worse. So, concentrate on the good things and regain your sense of perspective

3 months ago


Your profile shows you were diagnosed 22 years ago. Everyone’s life has changed over the decades. The trick is to focus on the good things while ignoring the sad ones as much as possible…

3 months ago

*hugs* I always think of mine as an enhancement. Disease is such a yucky sounding word. It’s been a whirlwind of a year for everyone. Think about what you have accomplished instead of what you are missing. Be the best you now!

3 months ago

I feel your pain…. I had a speech therapist around today and had to look through my file to get my neuro psychology report for her. I was digging through pages of stuff and I just didn’t recognise the person they were talking about. Then I looked in the mirror and did recognise myself (pheww) You don’t have to dwell on what’s written down, u can take what u can from what has changed and some of it could be beneficial.
Look at what u have got and not what u haven’t

3 months ago

Life changes for everybody all the time, the question is Am I being the best me & doing the best for me with my present circumstances.

& @chezy17 I know which glass you’d choose – always the one with beer in it.

3 months ago

@tog2-0 Or wine, either works good for me lol! Carpe Diem right!

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