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I have got a lot of friendship requests from people (prob from elsewhere) doing it to wind me up. I have MS and it causes me much stress, so don’t do it. You are educational cos I know will not meet anyone caring off here (like I am) so goodbye to this site
Thanks for your compassion (most don’t know what that word means.

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9 months ago

@catman3rd , I’m sorry that you feel this way. All User activity is monitored to root out that internet contingent that have ulterior motives.

If anyone is being overtly rude, you can report it via the “Contact Us” link and we will investigate and act accordingly.

Otherwise Friend Requests are generally for the right reasons, or just through loneliness. MS can be isolating.

Please let me know if there is anything specific that I can look into for you.

9 months ago

One thing you don’t cover on your site is an area for very isolated people to talk, and hence not be alone. One serious symptom of MS (which has no mamby pamby drug for is loneliness.
Also, I wouldn’t be heartless as to pretend to offer friendship; I really would offer it and respect it.
My great sense of humour be reserved for outside, cos I don’t take fifteen drugs so don’t fit in here anyway as nothing experience of drugs related to say, so of no use to the people on this site who do. Sorry, for my uselessness! I wish I could help!

9 months ago

@catman3rd I think the point of this website personally is to do exactly what you say it isn’t doing: for people to reach out to other MSers with support. We’re all lonely in our unique MS worlds. I’m not taking ANY medication but I enjoy reading others’ experiences and chipping in here and there, whether it be useful or not. I have become friends with people on Shift but I don’t expect anything from them, virtual friendships are quite different to face to face ones.
Don’t shut yourself out, be open and take it for what it is. All the best to you

9 months ago

catman3rd you say you are lonely, and the friendship requests are a response to that! whats your problem?? apart from MS, you don’t get a free pass there, we all got it.

i can count the folks from here I’ve actually met face to face on the fingers of one hand. But I’ve made some great FB friends. Lack of mobility does cause loneliness. I too have NO medication for MS. Doesn’t stop me talking about all other aspects of life.

BTW, 45 is not too old to meet someone and make a whole new life. I’m living proof of that.

9 months ago

@catman3rd sorry you feel that way. The only thing that we have all got in common is our MS, which is a actually a unique bond. Not sure what you have experienced, but don’t cut your self off. Take care.

9 months ago


You will sometimes get ‘fake’ requests.. This is nothing to do with shift. Its scammers.

What is it your looking for?

If your seeking social/dating.. Maybe looking further afield than just a specific forum.

Or check out Which does deal with social isolation for people with MS and other conditions..

Good luck, whatever your decide..

9 months ago

@catman3rd , I’m so glad that others have reached out on this post. You’re definitely not alone.

Friend Requests are a feature of the Social Networking age. Some people just feel the need to add to their list of “friends” as a badge of honour. That’s OK, because it is the recipient’s prerogative if they accept it or not.

We do look out for scammers and they don’t last long on this website. But, we’re always here to act if we miss something. So, we rely on our community to advise us of any scammer activity or contravention of general Forum House Rules.

9 months ago

I am sorry you are leaving the forum, but if it is causing you to stress you should leave it. I joined this forum because I had read that this was the best MS forum around. I am from the U.S. and I didn’t care for any of the forums their. You just have to find the one that fits you. You are always welcomed back. Potter

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