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I have been suffering with names & faces for a while now but I’ve recently become very involved with my son’s football club & I’m not recognising anybody. Is this a M.S.thing? My wife sees everything and knows everyone already so it’s making me feel a bit simple

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It took me nearly 2 hours to remember the name of my cousin’s close friend that I saw the other day and I’ve only known her for approx. 25 years!!!
My daughter started football at the beginning of this year and because I was told two of the dad’s – one is named Peter and one Paul, can I heck remember which is which as all I do is sing the song. My hubby had to keep saying it’s Big Peter, little Paul (i.e one is taller than other!)so I can remember but kids find it amusing when I start muttering and doing height movements!!!!
I’ve had facebook requests off people that I know there faces and sometimes even there names I recognise but can I remember them from where?? So I just don’t add them!!! Oops.
I definitely say it’s an MS thing as I used to remember everything and everyone

I think there is evidence that memory recall can be a symptom. I don’t know though whether this is due to lesions or whether it’s a symptom of fatigue. I know that I find it difficult to recall things and even talk to people coherently when I’m in a very tired phase as I lose my train of thought easily. However, I put this down to fatigue rather than active inflammation. I think Prof G’s blog had something about it a while ago though, if you’re interested in reading more.

MS can affect cognitive function, something which i have experienced myself a few years ago. Whilst at work I would find myself losing concentration and making silly little errors in tasks which I had previusly performed so easily. My then girlfriend recommended a book to me which her dad had used to improve his memory. I bought the book and read it. My memory has improved so dramitically that i can still remember the example exercises I had read over 2 years ago! The book is by an author called Tony Buzan – I can not recommend it highly enough!


Hubby ordered the book for me! Although I think he should also read it lol x

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