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Relapse over a relapse?

Anyone had ongoing recovery from one relapse whilst commencing having another?
I am still gaining some use of my legs from a relapse in Feb (currently managing about 300m with a 4WW). My distance is not really improving but I am feeling steadier on my feet, and not falling over as much, so that’s a win.
But 3 weeks ago my hand went numb, and this has slowly spread up my arm, with changes in sensation from numb to hypersensitive, sometimes worse then others (feels like I have had an ice pick stabbed in my shoulder, like it is frozen cold, or sometimes burning). Neuropathic pain killers help (gabapentin) but I’m none too impressed.
Spoke to my neuro, who has been away at a conference, but he is back now and I see him on Wednesday. His last Dx of me was ‘a bit relapsing, a bit progressive’. I’m wondering if anyone has continued to get better from one relapse whilst having another? I’m kind of hoping so because I don’t want my neuro putting any more weight in the ‘progressive’ camp, as it seems to shut lots of doors.

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3 years ago

My quite un-scientific is yes but I hope someone can help more accurately! 😉 My husband quite recently said, when talking about different lesions “so you can relapse and remit at the same time?” I think the answer is yes 🙂
Sonia x

3 years ago

You’re having a rough ride Jas. Time it left you alone!
I guess its possible yes. What DMT are you on?

3 years ago

That is usually the way it happens for me. Gabapentin only helps my bladder, pelvic pain. Pregabalin takes care of the other pain you described. I use both every day. Try pregabalin alone and if you still have those pains, try both. But, there is help. There are other older medications that work also. I hope you find the solution! Don’t put up with it!!:-)

3 years ago

Thanks Peeps, the neuro seems to think it is a relapse too, so I am back on steroids and taking extra gabapentin. Can’t say I notice a change yet! But give it a few days! @sandwich I am on gilenya (previously on Tysabri) but am considering/planning for Lemtrada (very seriously). Hmmmm…

1 year ago

This is exactly how I think it works with myself. I relapse, go to hospital for steroids and then when I get home a couple of days later it’s like the shit hits the fan all over again with new symptoms popping up. In this case would you guys say it’s better to wait it out or get the fuck back on more steroids asap?
Why do I get the idea that getting steroid treatment pisses off MS even more? Just me?

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