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Relapse or just upset??

Hey guys ive recently just had an extremely close friend pass away. I am absolutely devastated as i have grown up with this lady. Since i found out she had died over the last few days i have had the worst pain in my arms and have tremors in my hands. My optic neuritis is flaring up off and on and for the first time ever my legs feel like lumps of lead and are soo tired! Does anyone know if this is a relapse or is it just from being soo upset?? Any feedback would be much appreciated

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6 years ago

Hi @lulu

I’m not an expert – but I’d wager that your flared up symptoms are connected to your emotional reaction to the death of your friend. With the benefit of hindsight, my initial MS symptoms (optic neuritis) were probably brought on by the unexpected death of my father. So I’m going with a relapse. Others may disagree…

6 years ago

Sound like both: a relapse brought on by emotional upset. During the most stressful period of my life I had four relapses in less than six months. I didn’t put them together at the time but, as aardvark said, hindsight does make the link very obvious. It sounds like you’re having a horrible time, but relapses can be managed, and sometimes the symptoms even out when you get back in balance emotionally.

6 years ago

I agree totally with what aadvark and highheeledfagin it does sound like a relapse. Sometimes bereavement and other stressful times that can occur throughout our lives can be precursors to a relapse or relapses.

I about two years ago was travelling 60 miles back and forth daily to visit my father in hospital who was very poorly at the time and I didn’t link the fact that I had a big relapse the first major one in 9 years so it hit me like a ton of bricks was brought on by the stress and lack of rest.

You may have to contact your MS nurse and get some medical support during this stressful and sad time in your life. To help you if the neurological team feel it is a relapse and aim to get you back on your feet so to speak as swiftly as possible.

6 years ago

sorry to hear about your friend, my mum died this year and i was just waiting for the relapse to hit me and sure enough, my worst in five years. unless there is an underlying infection any reoccurrence of symptoms, worsening of symptoms or new symptoms lasting more than 24 hours is a relapse. get lots of rest

6 years ago

So sorry to hear about your friend!

Hindsight definitely makes things clearer. Funny thing is…I don’t deal with stress well but all of my flare ups have happened when I’ve been oddly free of stress. Bit of a different story then everyone else here it seems. interesting.

6 years ago

Thanks soo much for the feedback guys, its very much appreciated! Its bad enough when horrible things happen in life without having MS as well. I will try to rest up and if it doesn’t resolve i’ll head to the neuro. This may be a silly question but are there other ways to treat a relapse with out having steroids??

6 years ago

(This is my physio’s explanation for what you describe:) The stressed/tired body produces cortisol, which makes symptoms worse. The relaxed, happy body produces endorphins, which the immune system likes. To get rid of cortisol she tells me to: 1 ‘actively’ relax e.g. get a massage, eat choolate, drink red wine (‘m not kidding!); 2 socialise with people who make you happy; 3 busy yourself mentally e.g crosswords, a ‘hard’ book; 4 continue with exercise but stop before you usually do so that you’re just pleasantly tired.
Works for me every time. The eerie thing is that the physio can tell by my gait/posture etc if I am in a stressed state even before I say anything…..

6 years ago

So sorry to hear of your loss.
I agree with all of you. Stress is certainly my nemesis! Going thru a relapse myself thanks to family and work stress. Definitely call your neurologist!

6 years ago

Thanks for the ideas Cameron. They sound great, perfect excuse for massages, chocolate and wine! The family cant say anything if i tell them its going to make me feel better. I like the idea of doing everything possible before turning to medication!
I hope you get over your relapse soon cheryl77! I might have to look into meditation to combat the stress!!

6 years ago

Sounds like both! sorry to hear about your friend! Hope you’ve got a lot of peops around you to help and comfort you! x

6 years ago

Hi, I hope you are beginning to feel better. Sorry to hear of your loss. Remember the life that made your friend so special.
Stress is a very strong emotion and takes a huge toll on the body. Stress can put you into a relapse. Try to take it easy. Get lots of rest. Conserve your energy as best you can. EVERYTHING costs energy. Feel Better

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