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Reducing hours at work

Hi all hope you’re all doing well,
I’ve recently been considering cutting down my hours at work. This isn’t something I necessarily want to do but with the depression kicking in more and more these days I’m finding it hard to carry on doing my job as well as I know I can do and I know my job is a leading factor of stress in my life but part of me is thinking I’m weak for doing this. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this but I only work 20 hours a week(4 hours a day) and even then I’m allowed to take a 15 minute break each day if I want (don’t even want this tbh) and I feel I should be able to handle it but the truth is I don’t think I can, so do you think I should try and cut down my hours to say only 4 days a week so I can give myself a breather during the week?

P.S I work as a retail assistant so as you can imagine, this is an extremely busy time this time of year.

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1 year ago

From what you said in the thread it shows you are work lover but MS stopped or better say took a bunch from your life maybe ability.
But trust me there’s nothing you can’t do I lived in the uk studying and volunteering 4 days a week althoim saudi and my language is arabic i face embarracemdnt regarding to that part and before that i fi ished u university 5 yrs in my country and now i have an office job i chose from 3 pm to 9pm kinda part time. But you’re a man i am sure you can beat thus dark feeling you have MS caused a shock in us all but we cant let it take everything our mobility and high spirit too. Have faith try to do the activities you are still able to do and i bet they are many.if work was too much on your mind take part time no problem or get evening shift so you relax in the morning if you prefer and im sure you know better. Sorry for writing many words but most impirtantly never go to anti deppeessents path they are a puzzle ive never used and will never use them too. Our minds are stronger no matter how wounded they are.

Be safe

1 year ago

Hi @marcyg921 I reduced from a 5 day week to 3 day week & the benefits were really noticeable. I Also split the days to further lighten the load (I did Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Obviously There are financial implications, but you maybe could do a trial? Might be worth checking the Meds you’re on with your MS nurse as many have fatigue as a side effect, in top of the MS fatigue….

Hope this helps mate,

1 year ago

Hi @marcyg921, it takes strength to make the hard choices that result in the right work-life balance for you. Not sure how disability benefits work in the uk/with your employer, but if available to you, reducing hours might significantly reduce future benefits, should you need to stop working at some point … Just a factor to consider. Also, while the Christmas rush may be insane, you will soon be through it … When things settle down would your current schedule still feel like too much? Hope you find your balance😊


1 year ago

Hi there. It’s important that you do whatever you need to do to get through this time. You know what too, it might not be forever, at some point you may want to up your game and work more hours again. Don’t think that this is a sign of weakness, you didn’t ask to be landed with MS; you are having to endure something that your friends and colleagues don’t have to. Keep you chin up, make it right for yourself. As @craigsreddie suggests, a trial is the most reasonable option so deffo ask for that as a time bonded reasonable adjustment 🙂

1 year ago


Your not weak at all, your strong for taking control of your ms and learning how to live with it . I see its trial and error to eventually come to what works for you. Adapt and do what works for you but as nutshell says don’t limit yourself just do it differently . I find the tiredness and fatigue really hard and I’m wondering how to manage that so I’m trialling different ways . If they say have a break take it and in that time do something that calms you and relaxes you . Like for example if your tired use your breaks wisely doing things that will recharge you a bit and give you a bit of energy back like maybe Deep breathing ,meditation , fresh air . I think we have to be wise with this disease .
What do you do on your days off ?
If say the job isn’t your passion find something that is . I don’t think long term the answer is to finish completely as you can get more depressed being at home too much . Maybe you need a break and change careers when you can.

Never feel weak for making choices on yourself and doing what you need. I think it’s good your listening to your body and yourself .. You don’t have to give up everything just do something different or differently. Taking control , making decisions and knowing what you need for yourself is actually very strong and empowering for you.

Anyway I’m blabbering on but what I’m saying is I think it’s very positive knowing yourself and doing what’s right for you😊 Hugs X

1 year ago


I reduced my working week earlier this year and don’t work Wednesday anymore. Having the break mid week is amazing and has helped. Yeah there was a financial implication but it has been worth it. I think just knowing I’ve not got to get through 5 days in a row really helps as well. Could you maybe drop a day but perhaps add on an hour to each of your other shifts? I would speak to your boss to discuss options, it sounds like they have been supportive so far. The idea of a trial as suggested above is a good idea, try different solutions and see what works best.

At the end of the day you need to look after yourself and do what’s right for you.

Take Care!

1 year ago

Thanks all for the kind words. Right now I do feel like I’ve gotten through the worst of this period but I’m just worried for when it comes back because this has happened before where I’ve felt fine but got worse again so I’m speaking with my MS Nurse a week on Monday to discuss but I’m also worried as in February I’ll need to go for round 2 of Lemtrada and I remember how much the first round took out of me.
On Thursday I’ll be meeting with my manager and HR staff to discuss what could be done to make my job easier. Like I’ve said this isn’t something I want to do but feel like I have to do, I mean I’ve been there for 5 years, had maybe what 4 sick days and even when I was going through all my symptoms and hospital appointments I still tried to do my job so you could probably imagine it took a lot for me to even ask this.

1 year ago

They sound like good employers, which is in itself a reason to be optimistic about the future. Also, with Lemtrada, once this second round is over, maybe a lot of things will resolve with your MS. All in all, it does sound as though it’s a question of cracking on at the moment, with the prospect of things getting easier in the not-too-distant future. So, as everyone’s been saying, a temporary fix of reduced/re-arranged hours could be the answer. xx

1 year ago

I dropped to a nine day fortnight and it was the best thing I could have done.
Financially it only cost me about $150 due to tax and everything and that is definitely worth having a day off with my babies. My wife appreciates it as well as it gives her a break from baby wrangling. So win/win.

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