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Hi all, just wondering if you are still in employment what you do and how you cope. I work in a primary school working with an adorable special needs child but since last year I have had one infection after another. I am literally a walking antibiotic! Red and yellow are so not my colours!!! But yet again I digress, I have had a full blood count and more to see why I have had such a testing time….white blood cells fine, thyroid fine, everything fine apart from vit D levels slightly low (a grey area at the moment). After discussion he decided the only problem I have is working in a primary school……no shit sherlock!!! Anyway, what do I do next…….? answers on a postcard. 🙂 x X x

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First off is to get your vit D level up. It could be that! Since I have been on supplementation I have felt my general health improve. Although my levels are now in the ‘normal’range, I’ve decided, after reading all the lit. that a 5000iu daily dose is needed for people with MS. As to whether to be in a primary school, my advice is to sit tight. With the sick leave entitlement, paid holidays and final-salary pension, it would be a big gamble to move. However, when you’re feeling better, it could be the time to try and get better qualified (if you are not already). Are you a HTLA? If not, that would be one route and at some point the school might fund you or at least let you take the time off to train. Otherwise, have you looked at OU? But don’t be rushed into decisions by this doctor – as you know, with MS things can and do change, often for the better. Best of luck. xx

Another thought – could it be diet-related? Have the medics ruled out food intolerances? You could test yourself at home (YORK TEST). I did this and will gladly send you details if you’re interested.

@cameron, I’ve never heard of this York Test. How far did you go with the testing and what did you find out?
It does say in the blurb:-
“Do NOT take this test if you are:
Taking steroids or immunosuppressants.”
I’m just wondering about the validity of the results with our compromised auto-immune systems. If you’re on Steroids or DMDs, it seems that this is a no-go.
Just interested.

You basically pay some money (I think it was c.£15, but it was in 2004 so things will have changed) to get a home blood testing kit. This is quite easy – just a finger prick. You send it back and it tells you if you have any major intolerances. I was negative so didn’t take it further. If it returns positive you can choose one of two further investigations of your blood sample. The cheaper option tests fewer than the dearer one – can’t remember how many but it was pretty thorough. They’re a bona fide organisation. I also had an NHS allergy test at around the same time – nothing on that either. I didn’t know about the drugs limitation, so it must have been very early on, before I was on DMDs.

@cameron, There’s a special offer of £9.99 on at the moment, so it seems to be cheaper now.
I might give it a go. Their website is :- http://www.yorktest.com/ , if anyone is interested.

Hi @celinec, I’ve left my full-time primary teaching job because it was making me very ill so now I’m doing some Supply Work in local schools, home-tutoring and teaching some adult-classes instead, on a part-time basis. I know of some teachers with MS who are still working full-time and are coping fine, so I’ve discovered that it really is down to the individual and how MS affects you personally. Like you, I catch everything going in schools and would have to take time off. There are a few people on Shift who are either teachers or who work in schools/colleges and when I first joined up on here, working in school was the first question I had. I received loads of excellent advice that’s helped me make a decision to not go back to full-time primary teaching, but to think of alternative ways of staying in education. XX

@cameron Thanks for your advice, I’m in the process of sorting out being tested for allergies due to having a serious reaction on holiday last year….to say I looked like Bo Selecta is an understatement! So fingers crossed I might get something back from that. 🙂

@mererid thank you for you advice, I’ve done a lot of soul searching recently and made some positive decisions which I know will make my life better. 🙂

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