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3 months ago

@gs960 , I’m not sure how you would squeeze your bladder, apart from exerting muscle control?

There are bladder stimulators available, which you press onto your bladder :-

This is just an example. I’m sure there are other versions available.

Have you had a chat with Continence Services? Your MS Nurse should be able to put you in contact with them. You might be able to try out a Bladder Stimulator, before you spend any money.

3 months ago

@gs960 my physio advised me to lean forward, pressing on my stomach to try and empty my bladder completely. It does work – sometimes I get quite a lot more wee out, sometimes just a trickle, frequently nothing but I don’t usually have to wee again for a few hours. I’m female, so sitting down doing this. I can’t see why it would be different for a man.

3 months ago

Thank you both. @stumbler I meant pushing in at slightly lower region where my stomach is.

3 months ago


I’ve used ocean spray cranberry juice just a small glass a day, has me empty my bladder as mine goes on strike helps me empty, if that’s any help for you.

3 months ago

I always push on my bladder to make sure I’m empty

3 months ago

I take a cranberry gel cap everyday, it helps keep the UTI’s away. Taking a 500mg Vit C right before you go to bed will also prevent UTI’s, when you have a lazy bladder UTI’s will pop up. I had them constantly until I started on the cranberry and Vit C. Potter

3 months ago

I’ve had this problem since 2012
And its getting worse
I do what you mentioned but im not a male

3 months ago

I had the same problem for a while but I found pressing behind my balls a few times after urination worked. however, it didn’t happen every time so I found sitting down for my last pee worked a treat coz then I could press and still have confidence

3 months ago

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