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Question about l'hermitte experiences

Dear All,

I was just wondering if I could ask about your experiences with l’hermitte’s sign (thought this might be of interest to others too).

Recently when I bend my head forward I feel a weak but clear electrical type buzzing/tugging in my right hand. Obviously this doesn’t sound like the classic electrical shock down the whole back and into the limbs description but since it happens each time I bend my head and otherwise not, I wanted to ask if you felt this could be L’hermitte’s.

Very many thanks for your thoughts…

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5 days ago

Hello @susi, this sounds exactly the same as I had twenty years ago, except it went to both hands and only lasted a month or so and I never had it again. At the time. No one knew what it was, but my guess is that it was L’hermittes….

5 days ago

Dear Vixen, Thxs do much for your speedy answer. Interesting to know you had more or less the same as me. It’s an odd feeling. I had the same thing a while back with buzzing under my knee when I bent my head forward.

5 days ago

@susi , you have to imagine that your spinal column is one huge computer cable, connecting your brain to all the nerve endings through your entire body.

When you bend your head forwards, your are actually bending this cable, which may by stressing some of the individual connections contained therein. It could impact any of the connections to the body from below the neck.

So, it can be a different experience for all of us. But, it’s still L’hermittes………

5 days ago

thank you stumbler, I just thought i had to feel it stronger and down my back which i dont. Just the buzzing/tugging/prinkling in my gand when i bend my neck. but what you write makes total sense.

best wishes!

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