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Query on symptoms

Morning all, I’m new to the site with (I’m sorry, not quite sure) primary progressive Ms (is that right?) I’m probably a little in denial, and trying to carry on as usual. I’ve had a couple of serious, in my view, episodes where my leg wouldn’t stop twitching and I get tired very easily. But recently I’ve experienced some blurring of my vision in the evenings, when I’m tired I guess, and I can slur my words as though I drunk (I’m not!) and when eating I can bite my bottom lip, not even sure how! Not all at the same time fortunately and not often. Question I’m asking is are these ms symptoms that anyone else is aware of?

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11 months ago

I have had similar episodes and yes related to MS. Numbness causes the no knowing biting lip and difficult eating. Blurred vision could be combination of tired and the MS making it worse. Just try to rest more and eat healthy.

11 months ago

Hello @jbash. The thing about MS is that one always comes to expect the unexpected, no matter what age or stage we are! I can’t see from your profile when you were diagnosed. I’m at the older end of the scale for diagnosis and the issue I have is trying to separate what is MS, what is ageing and what is hormones! Sorry to not having a comment on sharing the same symptoms, but you’ve come to the right place to trade posts with others who will! All the best

11 months ago

Hi @jbash and welcome.

As intimated above, MS symptoms are many and varied. There’s an indication of the type of things here :-

The problem is that we shouldn’t put everything down to MS. We can suffer other ailments too. If you’re ever in doubt, contact your MS Nurse.

11 months ago

@jbash hi, your not alone, I have suffered from all of them , luckily not all at the same time. Welcome to the club that nobody thought they would ever join.

11 months ago

Many thanks. I was diagnosed 3 years ago now, and as I’m 63 I to have difficulty working out what’s part of the regular ageing process and what’s not.

11 months ago

Hi Jabash and welcome. I am 62 and got pulled over last year for drink driving, needless to say I wasn’t drunk, but 2 members of Joe Public thought I was and rang 1 01 to report drunk woman on motorway and towing a caravan! How dare I lead a normal life and how dare a severely disabled person tow a caravan! 4 hours in police custody no joke at my age, actually no joke at any age. Keep your chin up, I am trying, but mr government has decided to take my mobility car away after 19 years so am in the middle of Tribunal to try and get it and my carer back so won’t be taking the caravan anywhere this summer. Oh well who said life was fair, even more so if you have ms. Keep fighting but don’t get too stressed about it, not worth it with ms.😍Jill

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