4 years ago
Putting on weight

I can’t lose weight. In fact I’m putting it on. Been going swimming twice a week, gym once, not eating rubbish, no chocolate, better, cheese, takeaways. Just don’t get it. Does Avonex put weight on you? Rubbish.

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Well you have started me now since my dx I put on loads of weight due to several reasons medication loss of mobility etc. I like you found it impossible to lose it again . I am now wheelchair bound so exercise is limited in the end I have had to make the dramatic decision to have a gastric sleeve wich will happen on the 12th of feb . I am not for one moment put you in the same position as me but ms meds do have an effect on your metabolic system ( according to my stomach man ) and also the change in your habits . Try to get an appointment with a nutrionist who can talk to you about what changes you can make to your diet . Wheat seems to be one of the great putter on of weight but like I said speak to someone special to help you find a diet that works for you . Sorry cant help much ended up me venting my problems at you ! All the best femke xx

Thanks Femke. I’ll seek specialist food help! I’m going on holiday to Lanzarote next week, the thought of beach/pool wear scares me.

Don’t be daft your going to have a brill time and sunshine !! Sure you will have a great time ! From jealous femke xx

With my experience Avonex did not cause me to gain weight. I have been taking it since November 2011.

Before I was diagnosed with MS I had lost about 70 lbs. Keep a food journal with Everything you eat. Talk with a professional about your diet. Change you exercise routine.

Ok I’ll try that.

I know we shouldn’t flog one brand of slimming club, but do try Slimming World. I’m not v active either, and yet I al losing sloooowly, wd do even more if I was more active. Swimming is good, keep it up! Helps mobility as well. Its not so much slimming as re-educating yr brain on eating healthily. And if you are in a chair, your not burning it off! There is the added incentive however…….(and having just got a chair, I’m preaching from experience!) the lighter YOU are the easier to either self-propel or someone to push. Win-win!

On the what to wear on holiday, I always find thinking that you are likely never to see that person in your life time again so wear what you want. Have a great time!

Oh and I start on Avonex in 2 weeks, so if I notice anything weight wise I’ll be sure to update.

@redvine is that slimming club in Scotland, haven’t heard of it?
@reens Thank you, you’re totally right, I’ll not think “what are they thinking?” Doesn’t matter.

Yup and if that fails you will have to pick more curvaciously populated cities like Florida where you will feel like a super model 😛


I’ve just started this too. First weigh in tonight :0/ eek!!!

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