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Profiles .

I find it such a shame people are not always filling in there profiles ! It helps a if you know a little bit about the person your talking to !

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I agree, Femke.
I’m presently dealing with a raft of new members, intent on leaving spam all over the forum.
Fortunately, you don’t get to see the majority of it, but since mid-December, there have been some 600 spam items.
A Spam user provides no profile information either.
So, it would be good to see some details so we don’t ever consider you a spammer. 🙂

Could it be made compulsive ! Or is that taking your right yo anonymity away ? Xx femke

Personally, I think it should stay the way it is. Having total anonymity allows very personal subjects to be discussed openly.
It’s a matter for the individual to determine how much they give away about themselves.
Just my humble opinion.

Your. Right as usual !

@femke, not always right, just very opinionated! 😆

Got some great smileys to answer you for the first time frustration sets ! Damn mac !


I think for some people it’s just difficult to find out how to do it! I managed it yesterday, but other than mentioning the city I’m in and when I was diagnosed I left it blank. Privacy is very important with me. It may be that at some point I discuss the drug study I’m on. Only so many people are on this study in my city so if I added my birthdate, etc. that’s me ‘outed’ on public posts forever more. I will try and wittily fill out the interests section soon though, as I agree it’s easier to ‘cohere’ as a group if we seem like real honest-to-goodness people.

@femke I’m us a Mac whats the problem.. As for filling in profiles, IF you want to.. 🙂

Editing profile is simple.. Right top over your name, You should get a drop menu with EDIT PROFILE appearing.

Hi Jman I have an extra keyboard on my ipad with smileys ect but it seems only people with apple products can read them ! Same with my avatar can’t get it to load !
I fully appreciate people wanting to maintain their privacy i do as well just sometimes it’s nice to know a little more about the person . But then I am a nosy Parker !

Major kong you should only give info your comfortable with ! I fully understand your reasons !


Cheers jman. I had been clicking on my name under my avatar. Still simple, just not as straight-forward and a few more clicks to do it that way. I blame cog fog (and not having a Facebook account).

Femke, I hear you on the nosy parker thing. Normally I would be too. I’m sure I’ll loosen up a bit the longer I’m here!

Major kong I feel bad now you seem such a nice person I would never want to push anybody into doing something they are not comfy with xx femke


Not at all! Seriously! I was just giving the perspective of someone who absolutely acknowledges this place is more fun the more input and info is out there from everybody yet is still a bit trepidatious about doing it themselves. I think a lot of people are like that these days. We all know the perils of social networking ‘over-share’. Just trying to avoid any ‘act in haste, repent at leisure’ missteps on here.

Must admit this is my first forum I’ve been on and don’t know much about cyber problems ! But thanks for your kind words major kong xx femke

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