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Private MRI prices?

I was wondering if anyone knows roughly how much it is to pay for an MRI privately? I’m going to an MS specialist in New York and have been advised to have another (more recent) MRI done before I go as they are much more expensive in America. I’m in Ireland, but if it’s cheaper to have the MRI done in England I’m willing to travel… an excuse for a trip to London maybe 🙂

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It depends if the MRI they do is with contrast dye or not, usually they do an MRI without contrast and one with contrast so they can tell active lesions from prior lesions. I had 8 MRI’s done recently 4 with contrast and 4 without. The cost was about $2000.00 USD per section with contrast, a little cheaper without the contrast dye. The brain is one area, the cervical spine another, lumbar spine yet another MRI,thoracic spine another section, if they’re doing an MRI of just the brain that would be the least expensive but overall still extremely expensive. You can call and ask for sure but the bill I recieved for all of my MRI’s was about $14000.00 USD. Thankfully I have health insurance and only have to pay about $3000 of that bill.

Thank god for the NHS!!! But sometimes it makes me wonder why it’s a shambles!!!

WOW!!! Seems like I got some good advise! That is insanely expensive!!! Best get it done here before I go! Thank you!!

Hi @aoife)
When I had my MRIs done, they were actually done privately rather than by the NHS (although the NHS picked up the tab). I was chatting to the technician after I’d finished in the machine, and I asked him the same question you’re asking – what’s this going to cost?. I was staggered by the amount he estimated (off the record) that his company would be billing the NHS for my MRIs. Interestingly, he said one of the areas where they saved a lot of money was by using Indians (in India obviously) to interpret the MRIs and report back with their findings…

That’s very interesting! I think it’s working out cheapest at home, quotes from €250 – €400. Thank you all for your help 🙂

Aoife Hi
If you google Spire hospitals, used to be Bupa private medical, hopefully they will give you a price for your MRI
I had a Doppla scan there to see if I had blocked jugulars for CCSVI, My blood was running perfectly, not the result I was hoping for even though good news, I was hoping I would be a candidate for CCSVI treatment and I may of been cured, we can live in hope!!!

Back in the olden days of the year 2001 I had a MRI scan privately as had private medical healthcare through work. I seem to recall some paperwork saying it was about £900 for the scan. Could be wrong though, and it’s possibly cheaper now!

I see this question and wonder what it gives you to actively help your condition and unfortunately usually nothing. You have the illness and presently it is just a matter of surviving as comfortably as possible for all.Look at the good bits you have and develop them as much as possible for enjoyment sake.

Well said wonkyplod!!!!!

When I was first being investigated NHS appointments were about 6 months wait so I went private. Then for my first MRI went semi private – to the Cobalt Unit (not sure if it’s local or nationwide) But the prices there were 1 part scan £228, 2 part scan £384, 3 part scan £532. And it was really lovely – great people, great waiting room etc – then for my second I used the NHS – it was a completely different (and not plesant) experience!

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