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Pregnancy & Copaxone

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I’ve avoided talking to other people with MS until now because basically I’ve been coming to terms with my diagnosis. I was diagnosed in October 2016 and I have RRMS. I am on Copaxone (3 shots/wk) and I am generally well. My last two MRIs have been good and two lesions on my brain have disappeared/healed/or something!

I was wondering if anyone has ever fallen pregnant and had a healthy baby whilst on Copaxone? My Neuro said that it’s perfectly safe and has advised me to go get pregnant and stay on the Copaxone. I really want to have a baby (I have two beautiful children already) but I am a little scared about staying on Copaxone and I’m also scared about having a relapse after I deliver.

Any and all advice is very welcome. Thank you so much.

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1 year ago

Hi @dinocorn and welcome.

Hopefully, the following will help you decide what to do:-

Pregnant Women with Relapsing MS Can Use Copaxone Without Harming Baby, Study Indicates

There are a couple of earlier questions on Shift. Use the Forum Search function, magnifying glass at top left. and search for “Copaxone pregnancy”.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

1 year ago

Hi @dinocorn

I am on Copaxone and not preventing (!) to conceive. My understanding is that Copaxone is the first and only DMT which you can take while ttc & throughout pregnancy. Lemtrada would work too, as it leaves the system within a relatively short time.

I’m not sure of the exact date, but in Europe/UK Copaxone was only approved for pregnancy sometime in 2017 and the American approval came shortly before that. As such, I’m not sure how many Copaxone mums there realistically are yet (and how easy it would be to find them given they’d have a relatively newborn baby to deal with).

I also understand that the FDA classifies Copaxone as Class B drug with respect to pregnancy, i.e. ‘no evidence of harm’, which is different from ‘evidence of no harm’ if you see what I mean. That said, as far as I know Copaxone is a synthetic version of key elements in the myelin our bodies produce naturally, so there shouldn’t really be much risk and the regulators wouldn’t have given approval if there was substantial risk.

Good luck and lots of fun trying to conceive 🙂


1 year ago

Thanks a million Stumbler and Poppy I really appreciate your response. I’ve been reading everything I can online and sometimes I get a little bogged down in it all.

I’m suffering at the moment with a UTI so feeling a bit rotten and worried about every little thing in case I have a flare. I have one patch that feels cold on my left thigh but aside from that I am okay in every way.

Fingers crossed for a healthy baby in the next year!

1 year ago

@dinocorn , any infection, e.g. your UTI, can make MS play up, as if you’re having a relapse.

This is called a “pseudo-exacerbation” and is temporary, lasting until the underlying infection is resolved.

The Flu Jab is available, and recommended, for MSers, because of this risk.

1 year ago

Hi Stumbler thank you. I am booked to get the Flu Jab next week so hopefully it’ll keep some of the other nasties out there at bay. I’m a primary teacher so I get exposed to everything!! Hand gel is my best friend! I don’t have any new symptoms so I’d say it is just the UTI causing the annoying patch on my thigh 🙂

1 year ago

A teacher, @dinocorn ! Much respect to you. Hand gel must be in every teacher’s survival kit!

Hopefully, that UTI will be soon gone. I suffer from a few and I take a supplement, D-Mannose, to try and help. It did have favourable results in a clinical trial.

Take care.

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