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Hi,I am currently taking 75mg of pregabalin for pain. I constantly feel drunk and extremely sleepy. I am wondering after reading some bad reviews on this drug if anybody else has any dealings with it. My neurologist wants me to increase the dosage as an alternative to morphine patches, but I dont know if this is for the best.

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It made me sick as a pig. Needless to say, I didn’t take it for long.

@sharon-maria. how long have you been taking the pregabelen for? 75mg is a low dosage, but it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust and for you to feel the benefit.
I believe that Pregabelen is usually better tolerated than Gabapentin, which is also prescribed.
Also, when you do you take the Pregabelen? I know that some drugs for neuropathic pain should be taken 12 hours before you want to get up the next day, to avoid feeling sleepy, although I’m not sure this includes Pregabelen.
Hope this helps

@sharon-maria, I was prescribed this for a while when I had this incredible nerve pain at the back of my head and behind my ear. I didn’t notice any side effects while taking it. Perhaps it would be best for you to speak to your doctor about the effect it is having on you. Everyone is different remember and it may not suit you. If you are in touch with MS nurse she may be a quicker port of call!

I have heard of a few people getting the side effects you mention, but they can also be a side effect of lots of the different analgesic patches. So it could be difficult to say which one is causing it. It if is the pregabalin it might well settle the longer you take it, as your body gets used to it.
Talking about pregabalin (though on a different topic) for all the Aussies out there, this drug was approved on the PBS yesterday (1.3.13), so the cost should go from being up to over a hundred dollars (or more) to $33 or $5.90 (with health care card). (And If any MSers in Aust out there don’t have a health care card, apply for one to centrelink with the mobility allowence (not means tested) and you are eligible. This new PBS listing happened because Medicare cut a deal with Pfizer the drug company.
Unfortunately the deal didn’t include any of the anti-cholernergic meds, which sucks no end, though it is on the list for a re-review in April.
🙂 Jas

@stumbler I though it was the other way around, that gabapentin was much better tolerated than pregablin? I certainly had no side effects from gabapentin (initially was on 300mg three times a day and eventually went up to 1800mg) I agree with other people though @sharon-maria, you’re best taking it at night time to sleep through the groggy drunk feeling.xx

Thank you all for your kind comments
I just dont know what to do for the best at the moment, Pregabalin or Morphine Patches?
I am at lowest of the low

As @jamms said above, you need to keep in touch with your MS Nurse and your GP about how these meds are working AND how you are feeling.
Meds for neuropathic pain (is this what the problem is?) are very much “horses for courses” – what works for one person may not work for another.
Do discuss side-effects too. Drowsiness is a problem with some meds, when you first start taking them, so you do have to time the treatment to mitigate this.

I take Preegabalin and have never had probs with it, but then not everyone copes with meds in the same way. I know the alternative is Gabapentin (not sure what else there is available), but I have no experience of taking this. Sorry to not have been much help. I hope you can find an alternative soon.

oops *pregabalin

Hey, I have taken both of these tablets Pregabalin & Gabapentin without side effects but I found these don’t work for me, I am back up the hospital on Wednesday to discuss other treatments and to talk about DMT drugs. All I what is to have pain relief as for the last 9 months I haven’t been! Nor been sleeping, I am so fed up with the back pain, pins and needles in my right side and now having problems walking and unable to walk very far…. If anyone else can recommend anything before my meeting with the clinic, I would be great full. Thanks

@mvm21 I would definitely ask for a physio referral at the hospital because your back pain may be muscular in origin. If you are having difficulties walking, it could be that the rest of your body is compensating and is therefore under unnatural strain. I know this is how I ended up with back problems – trouble is with MS that it can be difficult to know if something is neurological in itself or a consequence of the body trying to adapt. (So-called secondary problems). But the good news is that secondary problems have real solutions!! Let us know how your appointment goes. xx

@mvm21, see if you can get a referral to a Neuro-physio. When MS causes weakness, we can adopt very bad habits with posture/gait to compensate. This can lead to other problems.
A neuro-physio will be able to check that out for you.

@cameron & Stumbler, thanks for the advise, I will see hat tomorrow brings.

Good luck Mvm21 with your appointment, let us know how you get on. Its sounds like im having the same problems as you at the moment, the pain in my back is unbearable (the doctor has prescribed me with morphine) and I am unable to walk very far, am relying on family to take me out in a wheel chair at the moment because I keep losing the feeling in my legs and just fall over.

I take 300mg pregablin (150 am 150 pm)and the first few days yes i felt like you say but after a few days or so it lessened and now i am fine. I think that your body needs time to adjust to the medication as i have found it excellent for me but i am now experiencing a lot of pain again so will speak to doc about maybe increasing.

good luck with it all 🙂

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