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PPI worry

The dreaded PPI assessment notice has arrived and I’m fearful of losing my motorbility car due to the criteria they now use. I live alone am 66 years old and have been diagnosed ppms for the last 12 years during which time I have been in receipt of high rate for mobility and low rate for personal care. Can anyone advise how to tackle the form which will be arriving soon. Any tips much appreciated .Thanks

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9 months ago

Been there, describe your worst day. Do not say you can walk more than 10 metres. We all try to be heros and I ticked can walk aided with my walker20 metres but not more than 50 and they reduced my mobility to middle rate. I had to appeal. I’m unable to walk at all unless I have a walker , furniture or wall. And when I do walk its laboured and slow. Take someone with you during the consultation. If you can try to get in touch with an organisation that can complete the form on your behalf as we all believe we can cope with certain obstacles which we approach differently. I know its scary but tell them how it is. Best of luck.

9 months ago

Dear himari, where about in Britain do you live? I am currently going through Tribu al to get my car, (which I lost a month ago) and my carer. I have 2nd progressive having had rrms for 23 years. Had Mobility car for 19 years, all gone now.

I was interviewed by ‘health professional’ all my DLA was taken away, appealed and basic was given back 2 weeks ago but have to go to tribunal to get back car. The o only question on the form is ‘can you plan a journey’ well of course I could plan one, executing one was a different matter. Lie on the form, they only seem to be interested in mental ability, it doesn’t matter how physically disabled you are (I have a through lift, an electric wheelchair, 2 indoor walkers, 1 outdoor one, a commode, shall I go on. We have all seen the secret filmimg documentaries, the staff get bonuses and have limits on how many they ‘pass’ a day. It is totally arbituary, be very careful, make out you’re mentally disabled it seems to be the way to go. Having trouble getting representation at the tribunal, CAB no longer do it and no-one else seems interested so it looks like I am on my own again. I am 62 myself so know what you’re going through. Mr government is trying to save money and we are easy targets. Good luck😍 Jill

9 months ago

Thanks dramaqueen

9 months ago

Thanks dramaqueen
Dear Jill – I live in West Midlands. What you desbribe is brutal and based on what you’ve gone through I will have to lie through my teeth! So cruel to add this on top of what is already a cruel condition.Thanks for your comments. Maria

9 months ago

I understand the troubles that Grandma Jill has had.
Please don’t lie and say you have troubles if you don’t.

The difference on the mobility component (descriptor 12) is the inability to walk more than 20 metres under PIP where as DLA was 50 metres. This is required towards a motability car for many MSer.

Be honest and say how you get on. Please don’t lie. This WILL be obvious. They can tell by looking at your medication list. I went from just top mobility to top rate daily living & mobility.

The DWP are looking how you get on on the majority of days.

The decision is made by the DWP. They are not paid bonuses on awards I guarantee that.

The website benefits and work is useful.

All the best

9 months ago

@himari , enlist professional help to complete the form, e.g. CAB, local MS Society Branch, etc..

You can also get good advice here :-

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