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Post birthday blues I guess!

Man I feel blue! Last week finally diagnosed with RRMS, this week husband goes to GP with chest pains and ends up going to hospital for 3 consecutive days for tests, he’s got angina pills and will have an angiogram. And it was my 48th birthday but no celebrations, mostly because of no money because we couldn’t go to market! And next week we have a large council tax bill to pay and we must pay 🙁. We have a strong Christian faith, but it gets tested!

Anyway, whilst I wait to see the consultant about Lemtrada Vs Ocrevus, I am starting to realise possible implications, we work on an outside market 3 days a week, is this going to be a problem? Are there any market traders on this forum?!

I want to cry but I can’t. Thanks for listening.

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2 months ago

@thequietlady , these things are sent to try us. And try us they do!

Hmmm, a market trader? Personal hygiene is key after those treatments. Bacterial hand gel will need to be your friend.

2 months ago

Let every know at you church what you and your husband are going through and ask for help. They may surprise you. We have had a lot of strife in our life this year we didn’t celebrate holidays or birthdays this year. We did manage to go out to dinner for our 45 anniversary, we had a two for one coupon. We made it through the year and now just waiting for all this nasty winter weather to end. Potter

2 months ago

Hello @thequietlady, I recognise those post-birthday blues! Sorry you are both going through it. BUT, no more crying, you need to loook at ways through this current blip in fortunes. Have you considered applying for extra support through PiP, for example? Is there an alternative way to seel your produce (not sure what it is)? Your shared faith means you surely have access to lots of help and support from your church, perhaps they could help you investigate other sources of income? Stay strong, Spring is coming, and at least your husband’s warning signs were picked up and monitored, and he is under care of the hospital. Time for you both to work together and look at alternative routes, supporting each other and being supported by your faith and the Church……x

2 months ago

Thanks @stumbler, @potter and @vixen! I do feel a bit better today, was invited out for coffee by 2 church ladies today and that has done me good. A lot of church friends do know our situation and have helped. We sell online (it’s military antiques and collectibles) and we could sell a lot more. But I am not sure about applying for PIP, too many horror stories about people with severe disabilities losing it, so not sure about the effort and stress needed to apply!

2 months ago

As far as applying for PIP goes, go for it. Yes, you are treated like dirt for applying ( well you are if you live in Stoke and are assessed by Capita) but remember, we are nearly all assessed by private companies, some are better than others, but at the end of the day, they are all private businesses who don’t make enough money for their shareholders if they don’t ‘turn enough people down’ don’t take it personally, remember to go by your bad days when you can’t really do anything. The government have finally realised their mistake and things are easier than they were a couple of years ago🥊😜

2 months ago

@thequietlady , you should apply for PIP. It’s there to cover the additional costs that we have for being “lesser-abled”.

Everything about applying for PIP is designed to make you fail, so it’s important that you have some independent assistance to help you with the process. Make an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and see if they can help.

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