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Possible MS? Advice please

Hi everyone, glad to have found this forum. Im not sure what to think and just looking for your thoughts. 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter I developed trigeminal neuralgia and restless arms and legs. When my daughter was 7 weeks old I got optic neuritis. Doctor said MS so sent me for tests to confirm. Thankfully all tests clear. 11 years on TN and restless arms and legs getting worse and now Im experiencing a slight numbness, funny sensation in left arm and side of face (opposite side to tn) and got pins and needles in left hand too. Im not sure whether to go to doctor as dont want to go for tests unless necessary. I suppose Im wondering could this be MS or am I anxious over nothing. Thank you. Any feedback appreciated x

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1 year ago

Hi @aoibh22 and welcome.

I wouldn’t be surprised at you being anxious and you need answers to cure this anxiety.

MS, if it is MS, can start like this. So, for many reasons, it is best to find out whether it is or not. You can then either start treatment, or get back on with your life.

Whichever way it goes, life will go on.

1 year ago

Thanks for your reply. Yes I think you are right and I need to get it checked out. I will maybe see for now how the numbness progresses and if here next week will go to doc and get referral for tests. Would you or anyone know if you can get tested too early? As in lesions might not appear till more symptoms occur. Thanks again for your reply.

1 year ago

Hi @aoibh22 just checking you had an mri when you had ON? I didn’t. 20 years on I have lots of small scattered lesions with no relapse or symptoms except mild epilepsy. This was when MS was confirmed. Hope you get some answers. The not knowing is the hard part isnt it?

1 year ago

@aoibh22 , it’s not unusual to have an unexplained first event, where there is not enough conclusive evidence to make a diagnosis. It does depend on the tests you had at that time.

Don’t leave it too long before you get the Doctor involved, if those symptoms persist. The medical profession take time to schedule appointments and tests……….

1 year ago

Hi, your story is very similar to mine.
When I was approx 6 mths pregnant 10yrs ago I developed optic neuritis but mri & lumbar puncture along with other tests came back clear.
I then had about 7yrs of no symptoms then they started – unsteadiness, left leg not working properly, numbness in my fingers, couldn’t get my words out properly sometimes, forgetfulness etc.
I knew what it was but didn’t want to admit it so didn’t go to my GP for approx a year, when I eventually did she referred me straight away.
I had an mri in December then diagnosed in January, met my nurse for the first time on Monday & found out I had SPMS.
It wasn’t a shock as I knew what it was.
I’m struggling this week with my emotions, probably because I’ve called DVLA etc so it’s admitting that it’s real if that makes sense.
I hope you get your answers soon

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