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Possible diagnosis

Hi , I found you lovely lot after my doctor told me I could have ms .

I know a lot if not all of you have felt the same way I’m feeling at the moment , my symptoms came on very suddenly and at the age of 19 this whole situation is pretty overwhelming and scary. I’m trying to keep myself busy and occupied until my mri appointment comes through which apparently will confirm if it is ms or not . I know you guys know how this feels and understand the anxiety of waiting around .

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1 year ago

Hello @jade770, welcome to you. Yep, for sure, your fears are completely known and understood, I can promise you. What a way for you to start the year, hey. Just lately there have been quite a few young people like yourself posting on here so you’re definitely not alone. If I could recommend one thing it would be not to over-Google. By all means look at official sites but there is a lot of inaccurate information out there which can be overwhelming. Stay strong, keep us posted on how you’re doing x

1 year ago

Thankyou ❤️ I have tried to reign myself in a bit when it comes to googling my symptoms and ms etc because I do tend to over think things . New year could have been worse , I’m just hoping the mri technician doesn’t play lady gaga through the headphones again 😂 x

1 year ago

Hi @jade770 and welcome.

A possible diagnosis of MS is a shock to the system. However, it’s no longer the condition it used to be 20, even 10 years ago.

It is not life-threatening and it is not an express one-way ticket to a wheelchair. It is now a manageable condition. It is now a manageable condition and, when diagnosed and treated at an early stage and an early age, may be become little more than a minor irritant.

So, rest up, even pamper yourself whilst you wait for a formal diagnosis.

And, what’s the problem with Lady Gaga? lol 😉

1 year ago

There’s many problems with being forced to listen to lady gaga. It’s used a torture in third world countries. 😱
Doesn’t matter what symptoms or illness you type in Google the info out is always you’re doomed. So keep your head dealing with what actually is, not what could be.

1 year ago

@stumbler thankyou , I’ve got hot chocolate and a Facebook mask on stand by for pampering and as @tog2-0 said being forced to listen to lady gaga is a torture method , her music isn’t bad but it was the same song on a loop for about 30 minutes 😂

1 year ago

Face mask *

1 year ago

I know it is sacry and overwhelming. I was sick for a while before I balanced out, I still have my bad days, but I still go to karate , play street hockey and run and lift at the gym, plus I take care of my 2 year old grand baby, because my son passed away😪 the best advise I can give you is to get a doctor you can trust, rest when you feel tiered and not feeling well and eat health. I had to learn just to slow down and to take a nap when needed, I was sick for a long time before I could get back to the thing I love. I am still going strong, I am 46 and have had MS sense 2007

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