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Positive post

On days when you really need something positive but there’s nothing about, you just have to get out there & find it yourself.
so how about a thread of what we’ve gained on our journey?

Proved I’m actually mentally well ‘ard
More resiliant than I thought I sould ever be
Found great new friends &
been pleasently suprised by some old ones
The occasional lie in without being questioned
Free viagara
The perfect excuse to get out of any event you don’t really fancy going to

& the best seats at Twickenham 🙂

that’s a quick start – now over to you lot


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1 year ago

@tog1 – love this 🙂

My list

– I’m tougher than I thought I was
– I enjoy and LIVE my life more and when I leave work I walk away from it and don’t check email all evening
– I have cleared my life of a few ‘klingons’ and it’s been liberating to do so
– Fighting back and standing up for myself (against my own body and it’s misbehaving) has given me a new perspective on what’s actually important in life.
– I can be a really intollerant bitch sometimes 🙂

1 year ago

My husband and I (I sound like the Queen! I’m really not, promise) spend more time actually being with each other rather than just in the same room as each other.
We don’t sweat the small stuff any more.

1 year ago

El laddy @tog1 I just watch my little terrors running round and causing mayhem and beating each other with my walking stick and I think to myself this is what it’s all about. Also my good lady has to get a mention even tho I’m the brians of the opera (chuckles) not that my iPhone and its autocorrect likes to portray (bast*rd). Everything has a positive if you look for it and they can be found all oyr shop. It’s all abaht the little things in life.

1 year ago

Not so positive lol I’m locked out this site on my lap top (connection timed out) so only access through my phone on 3G & not wifi (figure that one out) & the screens too small for me to see anything without my magnifying glass
I’ll be back properly – when this site works properly
So frustrating

1 year ago

Sorry @tog1 we’ve been having a few site problems, hopefully all resolved soon.

1 year ago

Yes Tog- I have tried to your message but keep getting 404 and a finger !
Thanks for your message and positive post- as one door closes another one opens.

1 year ago

until they fix it there’s any easy to get around the fault
switch browers> clear cache & cookies > run through a VPN >also keep changing VPN countries & it’s that simple to get connected – lol

1 year ago

A new positive (or perhaps just one that has extended experdentially)
In the last 16 days since I stopped battling on my own like a dick & admitted to the world I have MS, then asked for help, came on here & made other little steps,
(yes it’s only just over a fortnight & I’ve turned everything around & I’m literally becoming a new person)

I have made connections I would never have made if it wasn’t for my MS, oh yes MS is a bitch of MistresS, but it’s my MS, so it’s my rules.
& I’d rather not have it, but ‘poop’ happens & I do have it, & without MS, my life would not have been what it is now, with all the new people now in it, connections are been made everywhere, & even an old school friend popped out of the closet to tell me all about their experiences,

i have MS & all the stuff it comes with but now I also have great connections & above all hope.

over to you guys – to find your positives

1 year ago

Symptom – a physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.

If someone asked me what I think the worse symptom of MS is
I’d say isolation (leading to depression & exsasibating the real symptoms) this is certainly apparent to this patient.

The many body misbehaving symptoms, pain, humiliation, false pity from the uninitiated, are all livable with, by taking a daily dose of positive attitude & proper peer support from those who are actually in the know, both go a long way to keeping the beast at bay, but without isolation we learn to know & accept we have MS & likewise we do learn to live with it,

Not sure if that’s the appropriate train of thought for this positive thread – lol

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