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poor gait/lower back pain

When I get fatigued my gait worsens and then my lower back hurts and gets very weak. I’m on Ampyra for my gait and it helps a lot, but doesn’t fix this issue. I was wondering if anyone else has similar issues? I’m going through PT again to try and help mitigate my gait problems.

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3 years ago

@bryanhs , your PT, if they’re a Neuro physio, will be able to assess what’s going on with your body.

It could well be that you’re compensating for your weakness and adopting bad practice, which is causing this pain.

So, a physio is the best way forward to check your gait and posture.

3 years ago

Yes, I’ve been through exactly what you describe. You’re right to be concerned, because like any of the so-called secondary symptoms,it can wreak as much havoc as the MS itself. When I started seeing a physio, I thought it was sortable with a bit of treatment, but it ended up more complicated.It turned out that the damage was actually to the hip: the physio got the hip realigned and this improved things.But the exercises have to be kept up and that’s a different ball game. It’s ‘maintenance’ as opposed to a quick fix. It’s effective, but not 100%, and when I had a bad fall, I damaged my back conclusively: the dull aches turned to acute pain. It eventually needed surgery, after which it was improved but not cured. Five years went by and I asked for a blood test to see my Vit D level – it came back that I was very deficient. Since supplementation, the bad back has gone completely. So, my advice would be to pester your docs to get referred for physio and if this doesn’t sort it, go for X-rays and in the last resort referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. Also – get your vit D status checked. Alongside this, look into ways of improving your gait, whether this is by continuing physio exercises or accessing FES and/or a leg splint. This is one of the many scenarios where MS issues go beyond prescriptions for DMDs!

3 years ago

I’m just at the point that it’s getting a bit painful for me to. So I’m trying to be good with my exercises and stretches.

My diagnosis came about after seeing an Osteopath, she wrote to my GP saying I needed an MRI as was really supportive. I gave the clinic feedback about her on their website, she was on the phone the next day to say MS had been her worse fear for me, book an appointment with me – it’ll be a freebie and we can have a coffee and chat 🙂 he didn’t offer further treatment, rather we can see if there’s anything the clinic can help you with.

Seeing a Neuro Physio would be most useful 🙂
Sonia x

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