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Plegridy update, flu, chills and running

Hey gang,

I’m now three full dose injections in with two nice red injections site marks on my stomach.

The flu symptoms are less now though skin sensitivity/chills persist for about 5 days post injection. Do people find the skin effects lessen? I realise the drug is subcutaneous and so ‘sits’ under the skin whilst acting, but it’s really frustrating compared to infrequent relapses!

Finally, do people find the body is weaker when injecting? I can imagine that the body is effectively under-attack if I’m injecting a drug and my usual running is quite a struggle. On the plus side I did a 10mile cross country race 6 days post-injection and whilst it was tough (physically and mentally with feeling the drug effects) I was happy/proud to finish ok 🙂
(fortunately was a cool day)


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1 year ago

Hi Ben, I guess as with MS itself, people’s experience with their drugs do differ for lots of reasons. Sounds like you are coping well and remaining active, which I think is really important. I started taking Plegridy last May and in the main I think my body is adapting when it comes to the flu-like symptoms subsiding.
Weird for me but I find if I inject in my leg I get the red blob which lasts for weeks (and I find it painful when I inject) but into my stomach is both less painful and often with absolutely no red mark afterwards -very odd. I have not tried into my arms as I think that is just too difficult to try.

Like you I remain active and inject on a Friday night, where on the Sat I then have to endure a hockey match. Some days I don’t feel up to it – but I always feel better after making the effort.

Keep positive and keep active


1 year ago

Hi Ben and Knotty,

I have now been on Plegridy all year, and it’s fantastic to only jab every 2 weeks. But I have had very bad flu-likes, and I’ve been using Ibuprofen to deal with it.

But I discovered a better way of banishing the side effects – Meloxicam. It’s on prescription only, but as I only take 4 pills over 3 days the doc was happy to prescribe it. The crucial thing is that it lasts 12 hours, so you don’t have to take pills in the middle of the night.

I’m going to post this advice everywhere I see people talking about Plegridy effects – please tell me if this is helpful!


1 year ago

Hi all

i have stared plegridy on 01/03/17 just a question when it starts working ?
the heat is awful cant stand or walk for 2 days
any advice?

1 year ago

Hi. I’ve just done my first dose of plegridy and other than feeling a little achy which went away once I rested, it was fine. I haven’t had any red blobs where’s with Copaxone I got horrible lumps all the time. It seems to be easier than Copaxone, is that the case with everyone?


11 months ago

@webbexpress you still on this? Any updates how you going on it?

10 months ago

@curious-one I stopped shortly after, just had bloods done for Lemtrada

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