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PIP Consultation

So today I received a letter from Atos confirming a face to face meeting at my home on the 8th December.

Anixous is an understatement!!!

Has anyone got any advice or information on what to expect at this consultation? Any personal experiences or tips would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks fellow MSers!

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4 years ago

This website provides some of the best information :-

There is an annual subscription for the most detailed information.

But, I hope that you have had some advice already, when completing the application……

4 years ago

Hi Chate Phone someone at MS Society or MS UK and speak to an advisor from there who might be able to send you a booklet on applying for PIP and give you good advise.. It’s been such a long wait so of course you are anxious maybe write down a few key points about how having MS effects your life and what things have become more difficult or impossible for you now in respect to your care (Day to day living) and your mobility (getting around your home and outside.) How long did you have to wait for this assessment Chate..? and how did they know a home visit would be appropriate for you..?. I am still waiting for mine to happen but have requested to be seen at home (was offered an appointment at a centre miles away from me but just said I couldn’t guarantee I could get there on the day..) Very best of luck with yours.. be nice if they can sort it out before Christmas ay..? Best wishes 🙂

4 years ago


They received my part 2 pip form on sept 23rd, and was expecting to hear back in the new year… So I was surprised they got back today.

It was just stated in the letter that it’ll be a home visit. I never requested this and was expecting to travel somewhere for the consultation.

So basically given 10days notice, which I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.

4 years ago

If you contact MS-UK, they are members of Benefits and Work, and can provide you more detailed information on PIP and ESA assessment. Email is [email protected], or call them for free on 0800 7830518

4 years ago

My appointment was scheduled for 8/12 but the HP rang me this morning and ask she it was ok to do the consultation today!!!(as she was in the area) I said yes as I just wanted to get it out if the way! (The wait was causing me stress!) Anyway, the consultation itself only lasted 30mins. I felt 50/50 at the end, but the more I dwell on it I feel less confident. Before she left she gave me a booklet and circled a number I can ring if I didn’t hear from them by 2 weeks… It was under the header- ‘what to do if you feel the decision on your claim is incorrect’ is that a signal for a unsuccessful claim??? Anyone else had a similar experience?

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