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Hi @zarah

I had a home visit and it was o.k and went smoothly. The assessor wasn’t an ogre and put me at ease. Just tell it how it is and you should be fine.

One thing I didn’t do which I should was to make sure you note down any niggles that you have and whether you can or can’t do them. For instance I didn’t mention the ‘brain fog, zoning out thing’ which does happen but not all of the time.

8 months ago

Hey @stallionicchampionic

Thanks for the advice will make sure I write everything down no matter how little they are.

8 months ago

@stallionicchampionic , was your reassessment successful, or was your Assessor a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

Well I was worried about them being a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ but, I now receive enhanced mobility and standard rate care. The same rate as I was on with DLA.

Just a thought @zarah there are some physical tests they get you to do which can be misinterpreted. She got me to touch my toes from a seated position which, I could do. But what she could have asked was, ‘now put your shoes on and tie your shoelaces’. That I cannot do easily……if at all on a bad day! The result from this was ‘your muscles are mobile!’

8 months ago

Thanks @stallionicchampionic I struggling putting shoes n that on cos of ma foot splint I’ve to wear so hopefully they will see that xxx

8 months ago

It is VITAL you make sure they know that your ms adversely affects you more than 50% of the time or you don’t qualify. Also home visits are also offered if you live more than a certain distance away from the assessment centre. Don’t assume they will see anything or observe anything like Incontinence pads, etc. You have to tell them everything you think they should know. Ms patients are very good at getting on with things unlike for example fibromyalgia patients who live their illness and that’s why they are shooting up in the PIP stakes and MS patients are going down!

8 months ago

Thanks @hounddog taking all advice on board xxx

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