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This is going to be a lengthy post , due to the fact that PIP dept took 23 months to eventually award it !

I only WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE who feels that they ‘possibly’ should apply for it ,or feels that need to apply for it .
or if you know someone who SHOULD APPLY .
but please take great care ,in what you write on the application form , because PIP is a language unto itself .

Sadly ,I feel I know PIP language fully now, after having felt like I’ve LIVED it for over 2 yrs.
BUT , the other reason for my post is because I EVENTUALLY WON my case , ONLY through NOT GIVING UP , but PERSISTING way beyond when u first feel so disappointed by their REFUSAL to award , to knowing that THEIR DECISION WAS WRONG .

I BELIEVED that THEY WERE WRONG TO TURN ME DOWN, as has now been accepted by them .

The journey took my stress level as high as it has ever been , because of the enormity of my need of PIP ,and their decisions IMPACT UPON ME , MY LIFE AND MY KIDS LIFE .since my kids ARE affected by a yes or no PIP decision .

If I had not believed in myself and in justice so strongly , I know I could have given up at the 1st refusal from them, but I dislike injustice immensely and it was PERSONAL !!! Isn’t the terminology personal independence payment to provide you with greater independence not less?

Hence why I had to continue ‘ fighting ‘ knowing they were wrong and I was right to continue to the end :-

1st refusal – I had already been briefed to ‘ expect ‘ , yet I actually thought they might give correct decision !
2nd refusal- ( mandatory reconsideration ) , This was now not funny to me , because I then had to WAIT to go to appeal/ tribunal
3rd refusal – 1st tribunal – actually thought they might get it right this time ? But no ,they got it wrong AGAIN.
Then HMCTS ( her majesty’s courts and tribunal service ) , fobbed me off repeatedly with ‘ we have a back log / the judge has your papers … Yet THE JUDGE , couldn’t seem to provide a FULL ‘ statement of reasons ‘ as to why I had been refused PIP
The HMCTS took from Dec 2015 until August 2016 to then acknowledge they were taking too long to provide this necessary full statement of reasons , which was required for me to progress onto the next level ,’ arguing my case on a point of law’ , yet fortunately they decided to ‘SET ASIDE ‘ ( which means ignore/ erase /cancel) the decision that had been made 9months previously …so what now !???
My wonderful welfare rights officer, requested that they award the PIP , but HMCTS chose to make me go to TRIBUNAL AGAIN !
So I just couldn’t even get my head around having to go through it again ( 10mnths after the 1st one ) , but it was the ONLY way to progress it .i told my welfare rights officer , that I had NO CONFIDENCE in them getting it right , due to 3 times being refused it .
She said she would come with me , which was a relief . the tribunal day arrived , we both arrived and sat outside the room waiting to go in, the courts clerk came out , and I provided a few more papers for them to see , 5 minutes later, the clerk came back out and said they have decided to award what you have asked for ! She was referring to a letter the welfare officer had written previously setting out where she believed they should have awarded points .

They awarded 8 for daily living and 12 for mobility , as compared to 4 for both at 1st tribunal.

I was in shock, because by this point I had no HOPE or TRUST in them understanding my many invisible conditions , I cried out of RELEIF not happiness, because the effects of their refusing it had adversely affected me immensely .

It has take a long time to sink in , that I’m not having to fight for it anymore .

But also, last week another judge has now backdated the award to July 2013 ! Which was when I 1st called PIP , which was 14 months after my mobility had changed ( deteriorated suddenly ) overnight .
yet I didn’t actually COMPLETE the PIP FORM until after I Called them a 2nd time in NOVEMBER 2014.
At the winning tribunal , my welfare officer said that they were WRONG AGAIN to not have awarded it to the 2013 date, when atos papers stated VALID CLAIM DATE was 2013 , so it was already on their own papers …

My claim for PIP has been awarded for 5 yrs , that is from July 2013 – July 2018 , which means I have to ENDURE this again NEXT year !

I heard about people’s terrible stories about waiting mnths or up to a year re PIP claim ,Yet not realising my case was even longer was exceeding that.


following on from that … I’m about to complete another PIP APPLICATION FORM over the next week ,for someone who has not felt confident to apply for themself again,after having been refused it in 2013 & not believing they would win ,if they appealed .

It’s very personal for me , not just because of my own experiences with PIP, but because it is for my children’s dad, who doesn’t have MS, but a different condition , yet he’s affected in very similar ways to myself/us ( mobility / fatigue /need to sleep in day/balance & more )
I see his NEED for help ,as I see his condition deteriorating and see him struggle , without the support he needs .
After him learning of my pip success ,he is feeling more confident to apply ,as long as I help him complete the form .
He actually left his papers and form at my home & I asked him , was he hoping I would complete it for him and he said YES please !

Sorry it’s long post , but I hope it may help some one else get the support they need & good luck !

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1 year ago

All I can say is well done for persisting with Pip. I applied and was awarded the lower rate as I am still mobile. I had to endure the assessment process a year later but the same amount awarded.
Take care x

1 year ago

That’s awsome well done persisting with it I don’t think I’d have the patience you need a medal I also have baby’s and have lol 3 days to fill in the form when I do not yet have official diagnosis till Monday it’s more or less nailed on according to neuro that’s without her seeing a MRI. Any tips would be greatly appreciated I too may be classed as mobile as I’m now back on my feet ish after what is thought and hoped to be a relapse.

1 year ago

You write all that’s… And then tell us not to be discouraged from applying?!
That sounds like an effing nightmare mate – but good on you for having the energy to persevere and for getting it back dated … result
There are a few helpful articles on the ole t’interweb about how the system works – it’s a point system, but also dependent on things like did you walk yourself into the appointments? I read it about 10 minutes before going to my appointment and it really helped. I also fucked off the idea of struggling with a stick and just brought my wheel chair….

I will find it and paste it here. I won’t go on too much, chances are that it won’t let me post it anyway !

Where there is a will there is a way, as this post demonstrates!

1 year ago

I can’t, I’m probably shouldn’t post the link about the other things they take into account – like how are you position your handbag, what shoes you are wearing Etc. But if you search, you will find this post. It is helpful. I am not going to repeat the tricks therein obs

007 – is there any way you can get an extension? The time starts ticking from the day you phone to apply, not from the day you get your form in.
Including copy article reports detailing your situation, help them a lot.
I guess it may take another few weeks for those letters to filter through to you
If they won’t give you an extension, then go gung ho with the worst day ever and don’t hide your mate ability issues

1 year ago

… I either can’t post at all or post too soon – I’ll shut up now

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing your experiences, @thinkfree

Any posts/links to help us all navigate this arcane process are much appreciated, @mermaidia11 .

1 year ago

It’s good to have you back stumbler.
I will try and share useful information as often as I can, now I have got over the euphoria of an outlet for my angst with the shift crew.
We all need to box clever and actual knowledge is Power, and I guess empowering each other is what we should all try and do and what we can do best, all being in the same boat…

1 year ago

I gave up on pip, it got too stressful having to go through the same song and dance every year or two. They just seem to change the questions until they get the right answers just so they can turn you down. Every time it has to go to appeal, and by the time they sort it I have to go through it all again for the next time.
Last time they refused because I could squeeze the assessors thumb ffs.

It seems you have to be a detached head on a stick to qualify now.

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