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People harsh

I don’t take drugs for my symptoms, but maybe I could but the side effects probably would affect my physio.
I notice a lot of people on here are married; this makes me feel a failure at 45!
As I need friendship; not just to go on about symptoms or drugs, that’s why I post. I notice female replies (as they can say what they want and be rude as they like).
Men get MS and it affects them in different ways! Just clarify that for people who do not understand.
To reply to some woman who answered earlier; first don’t take out your hubby on me; if I was not ill lately, I would go out as find staying in very difficult (find the isolation the hardest thing to deal with).
You no good at giving back; it all take on here!
To one message girl: I thought I said I was new to this area and knew nobody, so why you not reply?

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@catman3rd Most DMT’s are helpful for not only symptoms but also may help your physio.

1 year ago

@catman3rd , I’m a bloke with MS, so I hope I’m OK replying to you.
Every post you have made portrays you as a very bitter character. To foster any kind of relationship, we have to portray something that would attract the other person.
Rather than finding fault in others, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself.
This is not meant to be a provocative post. I just hope you will take what I have said onboard in the helpful manner that it is offered.

1 year ago

I agree Stumbler, no offence mate.

– I’m a single independent 43 year old who is lonely too.
And I get Er irritated by the sometimes sanctimonious marrieds!!
Or is it me very sensitive to the fact I deal with this thing called life alone?
I say nowt, when in doubt but spect it’s both…anyway,
I didn’t want to get shouted at for mercurial comms. So I didn’t friend request you, but have now.

I love Leeds, and presume you like cats…

@catman3rd Everyone wants to be connected to others. Being socially engaged is also good for your overall health and likely your MS. Some practical suggestions would be to evaluate what you are able to do and get involved in a group around that purpose.

If you can walk, consider joining a walking group, bird watching group, photography group, etc

If you get around and like to read, join a book group

consider going to a church or volunteering to help others. Its hard to get out and do things and only gets tougher over time, but there are already groups that are open that you can join. The social interaction will be good for you regardless of any long term relationships that form. Its worth it to practice.

1 year ago

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably the way you come across?! I’ve read your posts and you do come across as a very bitter and angry person.
To me, you seem to want to just ignore the MS, I get that but it’s not something you can brush under the carpet.
I’m very much a glass is half full kinda girl but I don’t not talk about my MS, I won’t let it interfere with my life but I do talk about it, with my friends, my family and that is what helps me deal with it.
People talk about it because it helps them, maybe that’s what you need to do.
This forum is for peeps who want to talk about their MS, get things off their chests 😊.
Find something that you enjoy, doesn’t have to be with other people, a smile says a thousand words and goes a long way. Find what makes you smile, be happy in yourself first and others will see it at least that’s the theory right 😊.

Ain’t nothing wrong with being a single, independent woman chick 💪 😊

1 year ago

You know what it doesn’t matter how you come across you’re a person and I too fell judge and even more isolated by Ms and by this site. I try not to be on here a lot because it makes me feel like shit but you truly can message me when you want. I’ll andwer when I get the e-mail.

1 year ago

I don’t see anyone judging anyone, I do see peeps trying to help and offer advice 🤔!?
Or to put it another way, if you were to talk to a person with an aggressive tone face to face, would they want to talk to you? You treat and talk to people how you want to be treated yourself. Negativity, will always attract negativity. I’m sorry you feel that way, yes MS can be isolating if you let it but just because we have it doesn’t mean we can treat or talk to people horribly as it’s not their fault we have it!
The 🌞 is out, I’m still ticking and survived my morning at work so for me that’s a good day so far 😊!

1 year ago


This isn’t a dating site , although if you do manage to find love fantastic . It’s called MS Shift . Yes it’s about ms also people find other topics too but it’s not a specific dating site for MS . Though I think their is lonely hearts group somewhere on here but not the main boards.

Ms yes it can make you bitter and angry I agree . You have to choose which way you want to go .
Blame MS for everything going wrong in your life or look at yourself and own your shit ( I got that off Diane V capaldi lol) ms or no ms .

You decide , you choose !

1 year ago


Love the, look at yourself and own your shit quote chick!

Can I borrow that for a blog?

Maybe peeps think that it is a dating site 🤔!?

Anyways, smile the 🌞 is still out here although it’s flipping freezing, can’t wait for summer lol!

1 year ago

@chezy17 – hi chezy

How ya doing gal ?
Lol course you can, we owe it to Diane Capaldi she said that in her blog and I loved it

Yeah maybe peeps do ! At least its been clarified it’s not lol 😂 although some kind find love 💕 you know get some friends in here

How are you chick ? Things going well.

Rachael x

1 year ago


Cool thanks chick 😊.
I’m good thanks, still getting over this relapse, thought I was and started going full speed ahead and then found it’s not over but you know me, I get on with it 💪!
Still planning to do a parachute jump when it gets warmer 😊.

Think it’s the cold weather, I’m backwards as the heat don’t bother me 😂😂.

How’s you chick, you doing ok?


1 year ago

I am one of the so called smug marrieds (Thanks Bridget Jones) and I feel offended by your comments tbh. Women are generally more communicative and outspoken than men (read Men are from Mars Women are from Venus). I haven’t thought Ive been rude with my comments. I’m just blunt, deal with it. Maybe men havent got the guts or interest to say anything. I can’t speak for them…and I think youre going too far re marriage. It is no bed of roses and communication is practically extinct for me. So rethink your ideas please, Mills and Boon it ain’t. Blunt. Not harsh. @catman3rd

1 year ago

Yeah I am fine thanks chuck. I like the new findings on stem cells.

Have loads going on via trying things health wise, takes up alot of my time and things I am trying and still trying and adding new things in. I did reflexology years ago so I have started doing it on myself – self massage.

Like you I am trying to write when I can.. also id love to be able to create and edit videos. A lot to learn their.
Im also into organic and healthy living now so a lot to source and build into life. my meal prep takes up alot of time. Im still following The Wahls Protocol.

Relapses are crap! I’ve not really recovered fully from last one. have got a cold but seem to be dealing with the cold a bit better than usual. lost loads of weight!

Rachael xxx

1 year ago

I’m on here and I want to help others. Mainly focusing on the disease and getting on treatment. I see Someone like @stumbler and feel he is someone to emulate. He is always ready to help with information. I’ve never seen him ask for anything in return. I want to help too. I’m here to learn from others and help where I can.
I feel I get something when I see I’ve helped others. I want us victims of this disease to find the best path. To have courage and know that asking for help is not a bad reflection on you as a person. I hope we all know it is through no fault of our own what happened to us. We are all worthy of treatment no matter what color of MS we have.
And for those that have an outburst on here. Well, maybe it’s the MS talking. This thing is not fair. I’ve never felt so alone my whole life. Nobody other than the people with this thing can relate. But try not to take your frustrations out on your peeps.

1 year ago

What an excellent, illuminating and lively debate, with valid, intelligent observations from everyone.
…And then he doesn’t message me….men!
Pot… kettle,… irony…)
Anyway “@chezy17 soul Sista
(I like you. You should bottle your attitude).

Is right we are whooping being strong, single and independent girl!!
(. And good mums, best of all.)
but sometimes it’s just nice to want and be wanted, not need – and having ms makes that a bit more complicated.

Things could be better-
but I focus on – well things could be a whole lot sodding-worse!!
…so I just want to make every day count.

….And Never underestimate the intimacy and love two platonic friends can share! is my final thought ✨🌈💕🧞‍♂️✨

1 year ago

1 year ago

@ rachaellouise
Glad you’re doing good chick and keeping yourself busy 😊. Weight loss, what’s ya secret 😉?!
Even I have my moments, I’ll not bottle them up for ya 😂😂😂! I have my bad days sometimes, they don’t happen very often but I just have them and I’m good again…also 🍷 helps 😂😂!
We’re good mums, heck being a mum is hard enough so we work extra hard but it’s worth it to see them smile and hear, “I love you mummy 😍!”

That’s how I see it, could be a lot worse so on a bad day, I always look for the good in it 😊.
Although, a want would be a lie in once in a while and someone to bring me coffee…best train the munchkins how to use the coffee machine 😂😂

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