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Pain in my legs

Hi my main issue is controlling the pain in my legs. I have been taking gabapentine for years now and am on the max dose of 3600mg a day. This usually keeps it at bay but for the last month the pain has been getting worse especially when weight bearing. It has got so bad I don’t want to walk as its too painful. Does anyone suffer with this or have any suggestions for any other medication that could help?

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1 year ago

Hi @mantaray2001 I know exactly what you’re going through. My legs really hurt after any time standing (even after a shower) my pain is like I’ve run a hundred marathons, as opposed to neuropathic ‘buzzing’ pain which I also get! My Neuro said my spasticity is causing the pain (my legs are REALLY stiff. For this I take baclofen & tizanidine, neither helps. For pain I have taken pregabalin, gabapentin & carbamazepine. These have either been ineffective or the side effects too extreme. I’ve also had physio but this makes the pain worse. I’ve had Botox a couple of times too. I now have an appointment at a pain clinic in early January. So maybe you could try carbamazepine or pregabalin (your GP can prescribe these, but may be worth checking with your MS nurse. I too have pretty much stopped walking because of the pain & understand how it cann get you down šŸ™ I hope something works for you & I’ll post if the pain clinic helps…

All the best,

1 year ago

Thanks Craig. It’s good to know others have to same feeling as not wanting to walk because of the pain as I feel I’m letting myself down as I’m normally such a fighter when it comes to my symptoms. Hope pain clinic works out. I’ve got a telephone appointment with someone from MS team this morning so hopefully they will agree to try one of things you mentioned.

1 year ago

Hi Mantaray & Craig, I’m not sure if Magnesium would help but has to be worth a go. I know it helps with muscle cramps and doesn’t cost a lot. I hope you feel better soon!

1 year ago

Well when i was in Scotland in the winter my legs were in pure agony my neiro prescrribed me gabapentine but I looked online cor the side effects – iā€™m paranoid of treatments btw- read it might effect the heart or something.
So i never took it now im backvto my country – Saudi Arabia – legs pain is so slight i even forget it for months. Maybe its to do with extreme cold weather.

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