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pain in feet?

Hi i am a newbie, my husband has had 2 brain mri’s (1 including spine and nerve testing) done and one including contrast dye. the more recent has shown 2 new inflamations from the previous 1 6 months ago. Is nerve testing came back fine, and nueroligist said he wudnt see him again as he was reffering him on to ms consultant as mri’s have been done threw private healthcare, however called him back after 2nd mri in regards to 2 new areas shown. he said it is appearing like MS, however he is not and MS specialist. I asked about travel insurance as we are due to travel next month and travel company had asked what the MRI results where so neuro consultant said say they are suspecting MS so i said but surely they will ask is he diagnosed and he said say yes. Do we are currently awaiting appt to see MS consultant however he is having awful pain in his feet at the minute and was wondering if anyone can reccomend anything.. i had read magnesium helps, however any i have found at chemist is womans health.. which im sure he will be curious over taking. thanks

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8 months ago

Hi @tobyd and welcome.

It’s good of you to join us on behalf of your husband. Us blokes aren’t good at asking for help!

Anyway, the pain in his feet. Is this sensory, rather than physical, e.g. a burning, which hasn’t been burnt? If so, Gabapentin or Pregabelen, both prescription drugs, are probably the best options, to mask the pain.

Magnesium can help with muscle pain and spasms. Don’t worry about the “woman’s health” tag, magnesium is magnesium. I take Evening Primrose Oil, which has the same tag. I’m not sure if it helps me, but I expect to sail through the menopause! 😉

The question of travel insurance has been raised a few times. Use the Forum Search function (magnifying glass, top left) and search for “travel insurance”, to find the previous posts.

Good luck with your quest for a formal diagnosis.

8 months ago

thanks for reply @stumbler, he said its not a burning pain more of like an injury type of sprain or twist pain but he hasnt injured it nor is it going away.

8 months ago

@tobyd , the problem with MS is that the damage caused by lesions prevents messages going to and from the brain from our nerve endings.

If the brain doesn’t know what’s going on in a certain part of our body, the brain doesn’t know how to send the correct response. Hence, we can get strange sensations……

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