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Pain, difficult GP's and crutches….

Hey guys,

Ive been a member for some time but usually just browse so hope you don’t mind…I have a few questions.

I have a query diagnosis. Meaning my neuro ‘thinks’ I have MS based mainly on my clinical presentation and on two lots of scans from May 2013 and this October. I started with Optic Neuritis in 2011 and from then Ive had a worsening symptoms from left side numbness in hands/fingers and in numbness/tingling in my lower left leg last year to quite severe balance/gait issues this year, dizziness, chronic fatigue, bowel issues, numbness (again in left arms and leg) and recently such severe burning/tingling/electric shock like pain in my left leg that I was unable to walk without crutches.

I moved from Cheshire to Brighton last October from a BRILLIANT medical team I was so sad to leave behind, to a team that is just, well, awful. With the recent bought of pain I had, I saw two different GP’s, both of which told me to take ‘paracetamol’ and ‘codeine if the pain gets worse’. I have been back to see another GP since who has referred me to a pain clinic……..question…..have any of you had to deal with difficult GP’s and how do you deal with not being taken seriously, particularly when it comes to pain?

Also, I’m not on crutches long term for pain and balance issues but the numbness in my left hand is making using said crutches particularly difficult. Just wondering if any of you have any recommendations? Sorry if this has been answered before. Im pretty new to the MS community. Like I said above, I was only diagnosed in May.

Thank you in advance.

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4 years ago

@believetoachieve , do you have access to an MS Nurse? You should consult them primarily for all things MS.

GPs are General Practitioners, which means they’re jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none, especially where neurological problems are involved. As you’ve already found out, their response to neurological pain is standard painkillers, which have no effect.

GPs are your Primary Care providers and should pass you on to the correct specialists, as appropriate.

So, have a word with your MS nurse first.

4 years ago

I would think your line of attack should be to get a definite diagnosis. Once it’s set in stone, you can access treatment and the support that comes with it. Was it a neuro in Cheshire or one in Brighton? If it’s at all possible, I’d ask for a second opinion. That’s what I did and with the second opinion came the full round of tests – lumbar puncture, evoked potentials etc. Pain clinic isn’t going to do much, I would have thought. Could you approach the GP and put this to him/her, explaining that the real help with symptom management you need will best come from MS nurses and that this can’t happen without a definite MS dx? Uncomfortable as it may be, I think you’ve got to keep pressing for this. xx

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