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I have had ms for20 odd years but in last few have difficulties standing and walking even short distances worst is excruciating pain above hips on lower back and i start to go down on one side if I don’t sit down I fall down and find almost impossible to get up on my own funny thing is that I am ok when sitting anyone else having same problem

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3 months ago

@james_moar , you need a neuro-physio assessment. You need to understand what’s working and what needs a “bit of encouragement”.

We do adopt bad practice to compensate for weaknesses and this puts unnatural strain on muscles and joints.

3 months ago

I see a pain specialist and we discussed a pain pump maybe in the future, but physical therapy has been helping a lot and my doctor just recently gave me a back brace to help with back pain. Good luck!

3 months ago

I have had MS for many years myself. No pain , just numbness. I am fine when sitting also. Balance is an issue for me. MRI showed multiple lesions on spine. Back on DMD (Ocrevus). Ask your nuero. Maybe an MRI will show new activity.

3 months ago

Thanks to all that replied

3 months ago

I understand pain man and it truly sucks what happens with me is I clean up do some laundry maybe some dishes but once I’ve done just that little bit I’m starting to get muscle spasms like really bad they even start before I sit down like I’ll be standing in my feet will start to lock are my calves and thighs! I’ve had them in really weird places also like near my rib area and also my neck! I hope your neurologist is willing to listen and try to work with you different ways to manage pain I wish you all the luck in the world

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