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11 months ago

@speedy60 , contact your MS Nurse and discuss this with them. There are medications which can address these neuropathic symptoms.

11 months ago

Hi @speedy60 what’s your magnesium intake like either through food – fish, green leafy veg, whole grains, soya beans, avocado, banana, real apricots, apples, cashew nuts, almonds, millet or supplements? It’s not a quick fix, but increasing the intake through your diet should hopefully help longer term. You can take supplements, but there is a lot of discussion around it being taken with (I think it’s) calcium for your body to fully absorb it. Plenty of stuff online about that just listen to your instinct and body. My magnesium was low and I’ve started eating millet like porridge in the morning, really nice mixed with almond milk, nuts, fruit and raw honey, desiccated coconut also adds a twist. All the best 👍🏻

11 months ago

I have those spasms, usually they go away after a few minutes but sometimes at night my leg hurts until I fall asleep. I have never really brought it up with my neurologist but if they go on for long periods of time, definitely talk to your doctor.

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