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Hi guys ive only just been diaognosed but had what is assumed my first attack in November. In had numbness in my face and arm but that was it. Then when i was diagnosed 3 weeks later i had what i thought was another attack where i started to get pain in my legs and arms cramps and heaviness with a sprinkling of fatigue this then goes away for 3 ish days but then returns worse than the last time (also had tremors and chest pains) and has been doing this since mid december. From experience does this sound like effects from one attack or 2? . Also im not sure if its progressive or not yet any thoughts on the symptoms. Also how long can attacks last im just hoping i might get some more pain free days but just dont know what to expect. Not on medication yet how did ug help you when you started treatment snf what’s the process? Ppls stories Will be good to hear as i know its different for everyone. X s X

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2 years ago

Hey stacy, iv had remitting relapsing for 8 years now. When an actual relapse happens you never no how long it will last!! I was on a daily injection (copaxone) for 4 years and it seemed as if i was relapsing 2 or 3 times a year lasting up to 3 months or less. I ended up getting off the injection and only noticed flair ups and have way less symtoms of the ones 4 years ago when on medication.

Sorry for your news hope you can figure out everything soon!! The wait can be long when feeling worried!

2 years ago

Hi @staceyfieldhouse. sounds like nerve damage. I had pain for years, nearly killed myself on paracetamol once as I kept popping them even though it didn’t work. Learnt how to live with it, then had the diagnosing relapse and since being prescribed nortriptyline and gabapentin I can go hours (sometimes a couple of days) without the pains. (spike through the eyes, migraine type headaches and my legs, omg, my legs)!! ask for nerve pain medication, the normal over the counter stuff is never going to help.

2 years ago

Hi @staceyfieldhouse I had at least three relapses in the span of three months. I have had many what I know now we’re “relapses” when I was a teenager but they remitted pretty quickly. Attacks vary and you could very well be experiencing more than one relapse. @naomih suggested nerve medication which will benefit you until you see if these symptoms diminish. Stay as stress free as you can and be kind to yourself. I am currently on “Gilenya” as they have classified my Ms as Aggressive RRMS and for the first year I was convinced I would have to switch meds. Luckily my last MRI has shown vast improvements and I am sticking with my once a day pill. @brody_bruckner From the sounds of it the medication they had you on was way to weak. You actually based off your rate of relapse sound like you have Aggressive RRMS and if you were going to do the med route you might have to gear towards the stronger meds like Gilenya or Lemtrada. I know you feel okay now but take it from me a person who has probably had Ms for 16 years and just finally got a diagnosis I would have killed to be on meds at a younger age to delay progression . The only reason I am all about the meds is that I owe it to my child to fight this the best I can. I come from a family with a whole host of auto immune issues and I also take meds for people like my uncle who have PPMS and didn’t have the options they have now. @staceyfieldmouse taking meds comes down to your comfort level but don’t let side effects deter you. They monitor you diligently to ensure everything is okay. I hope these symptoms subside for you in the near future. ?

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