5 years ago
Ozzy's Son Jack

Has been diagnosed with MS, just after he has had a son, Ive just heard this on the BBC news
Celebritys are hit with this too
I think they are way more celebs with this but choose to keep it quiet, does anyone know of any other major celebs with this, I have googled this before but its usually people Ive never heard of

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Terri Gar has MS and has been a very open about it and has worked with the MS Society in the states as far as I am aware. She was in the show Friends as Pheobie’s mom and was also in ‘Young Frankenstein’ and MASH.

My google finds were Montel Williams and Richard Pryor (I didn’t recognise any of the other names!!!!)

just heard @ Jack Osbourne. Amy Winehouse’s mom has MS. there was a good article from her in the latest MS MATTERS.


J.K Rowling either has MS or her mother did. She has donated TONS of money to the MS Society and has done a lot of charity work with MS.


Thanks for linking that Beki! Very interesting

No probs @Chels 🙂

Beki I missed it, what were they chatting about?

I’m really sorry to hear that Jack Osborne has MS, but strangely today I feel that having MS is a bit cooler than it was before.

@Chels it was her mum that had MS, she died quite young from complications.

@ophelia I don’t know how familiar you are with Richard Pryor’s standup comedy, but he called his MS “More Shit”, which when you hear some of his more harrowing childhood tales fits in very appropriately 🙂

Rung up radio 2, so waiting to see if i get a call back to talk on the Jeremy Vine Show!

Dsouza, is he doing a topic on MS then??? also let us know if you are on there

@Alison I know what you mean. But I can’t help but be a bit angry at the fact that the media are so fickle. Did anyone hear anything in the UK about world MS day in the media as I certainly didn’t. I guess we should be grateful it’s getting talked about….I’m just grump today!!!!!!

Just listened to @gpeps on Victoria Derbyshire’s show on BBCRadio 5 on I player (about 7 mins 55 seconds in!) let’s Jacks story gets the profile of MS raised a little! Especially amongst young people! Well done George!!

Sadly never got the call back…..think i would have embarrassed myself anyway! 😉

@ophelia thank you! Of course it isn’t good for Jack, however it should really help us raise awareness of MS among young people.

@DJDsouza why would you have embarrassed yourself? I don’t believe that. Sorry you didn’t get on today, but I hope there will be plenty more discussions.

It’s a shame it seems to need a celebrity to get the media’s attention, but at least we’ve got it (for a short while)?

@gpeps I’ve ended up singing before on 1xtra , so think I was having flashbacks to that!

Yes, the media is notoriously fickle!

Hey, got beaten to the post – just seen it in Yahoo news and found what he said quite interesting.


you’ve all forgotten professor colin pillinger, he’s spoken out against debbie purdy’s legal battle and it’s subsequent portrayal of ms, as negative

There are the musicians Captain Beefheart and Ronie Lane (both deceased). I’m not the biggest Jack Osbourne fan, but now that he has MS I suppose i’ll like him a bit out of solidarity. Any publicity is good and Jack is definitely the most famous person in the world with MS right now. He’ll probably make having MS his “thing”. But I wonder if the people who put him on TV will show the documentary about MS that he’ll surely want to make. I would like to hope so, but it may be unlikely as he’s usually only on channels like ITV4 which show utter hogwash. Still great to see “young people MS” in the public eye today.

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has MS; he’s running for president here in the US.


Michelle Obama (current first lady) father has MS.

Comedian Jim Sweeney has MS – he has some very funny / wry observations on it.

I found this site about famous people with MS:
– it mentions that Ozzy Osborne was once diagnosed with MS!

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