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Overcoming MS vs The Wahls Protocol Diet

Which one? I’ve trying to following both of these diet plans and they both have good points but they seem to fly in the face of each other which has left me confused about which one to adopt.

Overcoming ms by Professor George Jelinek (based on Dr Roy Swank’s work) advocates a low saturated fat diet and no meats, whereas the Wahls Protocol, based on Dr Terry Wahls work (Dr Wahls reversed her own secondary progressive ms) says fats and meat are ok, including organ meats. Both advise lots of vegetables, with the Wahls Protocol advising at least 9 cups worth of greens a day.

I’ve tried both and I find them both difficult to do as they have associated costs and a cooking learning curve, plus organisation and time management to make sure you manage everything. Does anyone else here follow either one? How do you get on with it and how did you decide what to follow?

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So I can give you are reasoning. My wife was diagnosed late last year and I reviewed everything I could find. My guess reading your “about me” is that I approach things in a similar way to you since we have some similar background. I am sharing my thinking and if I felt the evidence pointed to something different, our family would switch in a heartbeat, but we are making a probabilty calculation as best as we can.

In a nutshell there were different aspects I looked at (but cost was not one of those). Reading both books, I felt the OMS had a much more solid evidence based approach. Terry Wahls has a few good testimonials but doesnt have the breadth of data OMS did. Its also unclear to me if Terry used other methods outside of what she said in the book, there have been some rumors, but again its hard to know what to trust.

From an approach perspective OMS is freely available (all the info is generally on the site). If you want a book you can get it (and many are donated for free). There is something valuable to me about a site that takes no advertising and is run only on donations vs Walhs thats more of a sales pitch type of approach.

When you look at the quotes/testimonials its interesting to see who is recommending them. Terry’s has a lot of people that are from paleo etc. OMS has a recommendation from Professor Giovanni (who chairs barts) and is one of the worlds leading MS drs in my opinion.

In practical sense both are a bit difficult to follow, but I really felt like OMS was going to be more sustainable and easier to stay with for a lifetime.

So I felt the Walhs approach was more of a gamble. Our family’s hope is to slow down progression as much as possible and so we are using Tecfidera + OMS. In addition we are cutting way back on sugar and salt (somewhat just happens when you cut out the processed food in both diets). We have a few supplements like turmeric that we are adding.

The OMS approach seems very consistent with things that are working for other autoimmune dieases like diabetes and RA.

thats my two cents for now, but like you, we are always rethinking and evaluating if we are doing all we can, but at the moment we are happy with the choice.

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Iv just been bought OMS book, the ingredients are a little pricey but I’m sure it is worth the while I’m building a stockpile before I start it properly only thing I have to say is there are no pictures in the book (that rings alarm bells and makes me bum squeak a little) with me it’s gonna be like eating rabbit food but I’m gonna grin and bear it and give it a go. I’m gonna miss me bacon sandwiches I’m making up for it now he he

@doubleo7hud, did you buy the cookbook or the actual oms book? Sounds like you have the cookbook. We are trying to work our way through some of those. You are surely going to miss things 🙁 We had our first breakdown a couple weeks in but we pushed on and its gotten more normal. Prepared to be hungry (and sometimes unhappy because of that). The flaxseed oil is an important part of the plan so do look into that.

with all that said, my wife and I concluded, its hard to feel sorry for ourselves having to eat all these things when there are many in the world that go hungry each day.

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I’ve not looked into Diet and Ms but continued to eat in a relatively healthy manner with the bog standard meat and greens approach with not too many “forbidden items” such as puddings etc but I have indulged on festive occasions!! I think that to a degree common sense has to prevail and individual lifestyle has to be taken into account IE how much exercise can you realistically do depending on how you are feeling, where are you regarding “live MS” lesions, how tired/fatigued are you feeling at this moment in time, do you feel comfortable in pushing yourself at this particular point? It is all about how YOU feel and what you think you are currently capable of. Ask a specialist but also ask the group…we are the ones living with the condition and have more idea than the professionals. These guys are all living with the condition in all it’s multiple facets….so ask!!! Good luck and speculate with the diet!!!

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I did wonder why there were no pics and did not know there is a OMS book and a cookbook lol pics still would be nice. I think making a turd look polished before I eat it would be better for me 😂


This is the book about OMS. Its worth reading through what you can and cant eat to be on OMS (along with all the other non food related items). My guess is there are other things besides whats in the book that will taste good as well so its kind of worth getting an idea of what and why the program should work:

Good luck. So the one thing we do is take some fruit and take a bunch of greens and just blend them into a smoothie each day (thats what we put the flaxseed oil into). Its a simple way to get a bunch of greens that otherwise might be hard to eat and at the end of the day, you can drink almost anything pretty quickly if its not good. so we just kept looking for simple things we could keep adding.

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Lovely ty Calidreamin wesssssss sideeeeess \|/

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I’ll throw my views into the pot too! I was OMS, but am moving over to Wahls Protocol. Maybe I will find the same with Wahls when I look into it deeper, but OMS wants your money too.

The first OMS employee I met at a meeting told me about all the people who were fundraising for OMS…why?

Why are we running, climbing, going on ‘holidays’ (that we get our mates to pay for via sponsorship) if we still have to pay to go to OMS meetings, courses etc. The meetings more than pay for themselves (into the tens of thousands of pounds in revenues, never mind the four-nighter ones). The OMS cookbook isn’t great…no pictures etc., and it is fairly clear from the Amazon reviews that many of the rave reviews are not genuine (really, you have never been on Amazon before, but take to it like a duck to water to rave about about a book without images or proper measurements etc?!). Is it ok if I eat vegan lemon meringue pie all day, as long as I keep my saturated fats low and take my two tablespoons of flaxseed oil?!!

An OMS four-night retreat in Australia starts at AUD$1690 (eh, no, flights not included!!).

The best thing to do with ANY organisation is to check out their annual reports. You will see all the money that goes on advertising etc. An MS Society for a particular country, gave out a grand total of almost 100 massages a couple of years ago according to its annual report. Another spends millions of pounds on advertising and salaries and absolute buttons on MS research.

So I guess the point here is that you need to dig deep and see where these people are coming from. Sure they want to find a cure, but not so soon that they will be out of job!! (Smile please!).

The healthiest thing is to look at these money-making organisations for what they are and then choose the diet that suits your lifestyle. Nine cups of veg/fruit etc every day sounds ok to me!

Take care, lucyh xxx

1 year ago

The best advice (apart from healthy diet) that I found from Dr Wahls was the daily diary – noting the effects of food (so I know dairy makes my muscles ache) – including the gratitude and a daily “good thing” part, Even in dark days you have to appreciate something positive in your life, no matter how small and there is always something…best wishes Vicky


Thanks for the info I had seen it before. I think the difference to me is that they ask for money and offer retreats but none of those are necessary to have the full details of the program. It’s presented as a way to jump start if you need it. I guess here in California that seems inexpensive to me to have a place where meals and lodging are all covered. The retreat I saw was in Australia and just assumed things are priced that way there.

I think the main difference is all the info is free on the website so it’s not withholding anything if you don’t want to pay.

If someone in my area offered a teach you how to cook oms class I probably would have paid for it.

Regarding the reviews it’s actually more likely a selection bias. If some esoteric book on Star Wars came out all the Star Wars fans would jump in and comment. Only after a few months would the “normal” people would review it. The oms book was advertised on the oms site for a long time so a lot of people following oms were waiting for it. They of course would love it.

Thanks for the post. With any diease there are lots of people out there to take your money. We have to stay alert. I also don’t think it’s bad the Walhs charges for her book because she should make some money for her work. It just makes me wonder if she would adapt her program or just try to make as much as she can.

1 year ago

I’m really happy with my healthy balanced diet approach, I have my 5 a day of fruit and veg, I drink lots of water and everything is in moderation.

Eating healthily and wisely is something we should all try to do regardless of having MS or not. If a type of diet works then by all means follow it if that’s what works for you.

I am deeply suspicious of any diet promotion where the claims are : ‘this diet can make everything right’ – especially so when tied into pyramid sales, expensive retreats.

I’m even more deeply suspicious when the evidence for the claims is ‘I feel great so I’ve not had an MRI in a decade – so there’s no evidence just take my word for it and trust me’

I’m not convinced by Whals at all ….. it seems to be to be preying on the hopes and fears of people with MS with no impirical evidence at all to back up their claims – that’s just my personal opinion – but it seems a little Cult Of Whals to me.

OMS has some balanced eating but for some of the rules I do that head on one side like a confused dog thing because they directly contradict basic healthy eating principals

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Dear @vickya, @californiadreamin and @tracyd, brilliant to have other points of views, I’m so grateful for a balanced discussion.

See the Amazon reviews spat over the OMS cookbook; these are supposed to be opinions, not that someone doesn’t like the book and they are then told they are wrong and should trust and follow the book (advice from another imperfect human being)!

Take care and stay well (whatever your beliefs!!) lucyh xx

1 year ago

Hi i have been following the overcoming ms regime by professor Jelinek and Dr swank for almost 3 years now although it was difficult at first to get into it soon became part of my daily routine with the help of my wife who also followed it with me which made shopping and cooking more straight forward. Honestly it has lots of benefits and i have been feeling ok doing it my weight is down to what i should be and is stable but has it made any difference to my MS the jury is still out as my condition has not made any progress if anything my MS is slightly worse. It is a healthy way of eating and my overall health is good as per my routine check ups but it has not made any noticeable difference to me. Good luck with whatever you decide to do like all thing it’s different for everyone.

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