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ouch sensitive and burning skin

Hi, has anyone had this awful burning on the skin that hurts if anything or anyone touches it? I’ve got it on my left thigh and has now worked its way up onto my lower back. Also can anyone tell me if I’m experiencing the MS hug? It starts in my stomach and slowly makes its way round to my back and feels like someone or something is squeezing me tighter and tighter its quite painful! I like a hug but not that one lol!! Sorry for the moan

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3 years ago

@gemma81 , unfortunately, it’s a common symptom, e.g. the burn that wasn’t burnt and the itch you just can’t scratch!

It’s got a name too :-

3 years ago

I’ve been having the feeling they my skin is pulled tight some times. Then other times it feels like it’s burning. it changes a lot. I just ignore it as best as I can by thinking of something better

3 years ago

@gemma81 unfortunately it’s one of them lovely things we get. The thing with the sensitive skin stopped after a few weeks for me, the burning however never stops for me but as hoytfreak says ignore it is best. I know that on first diagnosis and having this strange stuff happen you probably think how can I ignore this but you can, your brain automatically switches of from it and for me I mainly notice it when someone mentions it. Never thought I would ever say that at the time though no matter what anyone said.

I always look at the positive, everyone is freezing when outside but I’m like ah it’s so nice and warm lol.. but don’t be fooled make sure you wrap up haha seriously though don’t get caught up stressing over this shit fight it head on and don’t let it control you 🙂 x

3 years ago

I have burning feet and sometimes it feels as if I have a tight band around my waist, and some times a feeling of having clothes on when I obviously haven’t.

3 years ago

Hi @gemma81, for me what I assume are MS Hugs, I would describe it as if someone was squeezing my diaphragm in their fist and my bra strap was on far too tight. The sensation is of a tight banding around my chest and back. I used to get them so badly the GP thought it may be ANGINA and gave me a spray that you spray under your tongue that made my brain fizz but it didn’t help.. neither did taking off my bra and stretching out on my sofa.. once even it was so bad I called an ambulance, paramedic came did a ECG and thought I may have had a heart attack.. hours and hours and hours later in hospital I was told I hadn’t.. !! Hope your symptoms ease off soon.. I’ve only had two MS Hugs since DX (April 14) so maybe a little bit stressed related..?? @stumbler might know. Best wishes.

3 years ago

The toes on on one foot cannot bear socks or shoes, which is making winter very painful. Roll on summer when I can go bare foot again. Maybe we should start an Ms nudist group!

3 years ago

@gemma81 I am experiencing the worst burning skin these days. My legs/feet are the worst, but I can feel it in my back and pretty much my whole left side of my body. It is VERY uncomfortable and painful. When I go outside and the cold hits me it is the worst. My usual tingling didn’t burn like this, this is new! @catfight, my brain hasn’t learned to turn it off yet, but I really hope it does soon. I am assuming this is another relapse and am pleading with my body that is goes away soon. @gemma81 I hope yours goes away soon too. The hard part is worrying about how much worse it is going to get, everyday it get worse and I am not sure how much more I can take.

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