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Optic neuritis symptoms order?


Just over a week ago the pain that I last felt when I had ON came back in my eye when I moved it.

I panicked and went to the optician who say there was no inflammation of the optic nerve although I could be experiencing symptoms before he is able to see a change in the optic nerve. I have another appointment to see him on Friday for a full eye test.

The pain has slowly started to reduced over the past few days. Today it was almost gone. However I can not remember the order of symptoms the last time I had ON. It was in the same eye and I have never fully recovered. Still some difficulty with what I describe as the brightness of my eye.

Tonight I have that familiar feeling of things being a bit hazy and not quite right in the same eye.

Can anyone remind me the order of the symptoms or if they are different for each person?

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1 year ago

@lm12463 , MS is different for each of us. It depends on the location of the damage and various other factors.

When old symptoms become evident again and start to “grumble”, I refer to it as your body “talking to you”. You need to listen and take action to reverse anything that may have caused this, e.g. over-tiredness, increase in (or a new) cause of stress, etc..

Just try and rest up, as best you can. Even pamper yourself, to make yourself feel better. Wine and/or chocolate are a good start. 😉

1 year ago

Thanks stumbler. I am not good at resting although I know it’s what I should be doing.

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