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Optic Neuritis ! Argh

currently on Tysabri and I have been symptom free for 9 odd years, that is until last Monday when my first ever symptom poked its ugly head up again; optic neuritis.

It is effecting my left eye. Blurred vision with what appears to be a fog around the eye. More so annoying because this is only symptom at the moment and feels like everyone should be able to see what I see, but to everyone I look ‘ normal’!

Been to see neurologist and she said that steroids can make eye trouble worse? And she sees this a stumble along the way and would expect to heal itself. Anyone else had similair and how long has taken to pass?

Also been signed signed off work for 2 weeks with my line ending next Tuesday, I don’t see symptom being away by then, so worried about having to take weeks and weeks away from work.

And just to add to fun I recently sent away for new driving license (3 year medical) and the dvla have contacted asking for me alto attend a fitness to drive examination, thankfully this is within 6 weeks and I hope problem is long gone then. Has anyone else had one of these? Really worried will remove me license, I am reliant on it for work etc. P.s not driving just now during flare up, that just be silly on my part!

Anyone help?

Cheers! Daniel

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1 year ago

Meant right eye!

1 year ago

@daniel91 , I see you mention the use of Steroids and question your Neurologist’s view on this.

Steroids are usually suggested when a relapse is interfering with your ability to continue your life, e.g. mobility issues or visual issues.

The Steroids wouldn’t help the eyes recover directly. What they would do is address the inflammation that is causing the relapse. Once this is “fixed”, then you can get on and recover.

So, Steroids don’t help the recovery directly. They just allow the recovery to happen quicker.

I’d see if you can discuss the Steroids with your Neuro. If not, then chat with your MS Nurse about this as they may be a bit more clued up.

Do mention the fitness to drive examination as this is an important consideration for you.

1 year ago

Hi i had problems with my eyes in the past, seeing double with one and colours dimmed and blurly with the other one. It took a while to come back to normal in my case 1-2 years …. they are perfect now! Don’t loose hope they hopefully come back to normal!

1 year ago


I had optic neuritis in both eyes at the same time with the right eye being worse than the left. I got 3 days of IV steroids and could drive after 2 weeks. I was back to 20/20 vision within 1.5 to 2 months.
See if you can push out your driving test a month or two so it won’t stress you out.

Good luck!

I also was on steriods through an IV and mine took about 2 weeks to clear up.. left untreated it can make permanent damage. My left eye had went completly black. I couldnt see anything.. i would get a second opinion but thatsjust me. Good luck!

1 year ago


I had this in Feb last year – blurred/double vision, it was really horrible so I know how you feel. I ended up off for 3 months and it was then I started on Tysabri. I was put on a course of steroids – again to speed up recovery.

I have no idea about the driving thing?? I have never heard of this before – is it a driving test? Or are they just testing your eyes and reflexes? Oh you must let me know what it is! Or if anyone reading tis can shed any light on the subject. I am the same as you I need my car for well my life!!!!!!!!!!


1 year ago

@avrilt , I wasn’t aware that the DVLA ran Fit to Drive Assessments.

I found the following :-

which suggests that this assessment is carried out by your Doctor, consultant and/or optician.

1 year ago

Optic neuritis got me in Dec 15
Blind in one blurry in the other steroids were used to heal quicker Both eyes left a bit blurry after 12 months they had recovered more & I found an optician who spent time with me & I now have glasses & good enough vision not only to drive legally but within my own comfort zone.

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